DeSean On QBs, Rap Video, Expectations For 2013

When we last heard from DeSean Jackson, he was on national TV predicting that Michael Vick would win the quarterback competition.

Today, he stood by those comments, but admitted he really has no idea how it’ll play out.

“Honestly, I really just took a guess, an honest opinion that came from myself,” Jackson said. “We still have to go to practice, see what that’s going to be like starting tomorrow. But the competition level is great. I think we’ve got four great quarterbacks that can all contribute to helping us win. At the end of the day, Vick’s been here. He’s going on 11, 12 years, whatever it is. I just think he’s accomplished some great things. He’s matured a lot since his situation happened since him coming out of jail and things like that. That was just an honest opinion from myself, but once again, we don’t know yet, so we’ll see how that goes.”

And what about Nick Foles? Did he feel obligated to clear the air with the second-year quarterback?

“I don’t feel obligated at all, but definitely he’s a good friend of mine,” Jackson said. “So he understands what I said and what I basically put out there. But Nick’s a great player. Nothing to take away from himself, never said anything bad about him. It was just an opinion that I thought, but Foles is a good quarterback as well. So regardless of who the starting quarterback’s gonna be, we’ll be able to go out there and get it done.”

Jackson hadn’t yet met with Chip Kelly when he spoke to reporters. He admitted it’d be “really good to know” who the QB is sooner rather than later, but he seems to understand it’s unlikely Kelly reaches a decision soon.

As for the rest of the team, Jackson said expectations are high coming off of last year’s 4-12 season.

“I still feel we’re a top team in the NFL,” he said. “There’s nothing in my mind that’s taking away from that. I feel throughout the board and throughout our lineup, we have people that can get the job done and that have been getting the job done for a long time in this NFL.

“The energy’s at a high level right now, so to finish 4-12 last year was definitely embarrassing for this organization and for the team. Anything we can do to really erase that and have people forget that and just move forward and have a great year to produce and just go out there and have fun, have a lot of success, give the fans something to cheer for.”

And finally, he was asked about what he finds appealing about putting out his own rap video.

“That’s my other style,” Jackson said. “That’s something I like doing. Definitely a young kid that was born and raised where I came from, so that’s what’s in me. Not to say I don’t have a great time and have fun having Snoop in my videos and things like that, [but] I’m able to really understand the business. It’s definitely not an easy business to be in, just like football.”

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