McCoy: ‘It’s Like A Freaking Track Meet’

LeSean McCoy will have no issue sharing the load with Bryce Brown. He won’t be upset if Chris Polk works into the mix.

In this offense, he says, it’s a necessity to rotate backs in and out.

“You’re going to need another back in this offense,” said McCoy. “This is an offense where it’s not a debate, ‘I can do it myself.’ For one, you are going to do more plays than any other offense. Two, the amount of hits. You’re running so much. If you’re faking it, or running it, pass or not, you’re constantly going. I think any back, no matter how great of shape he’s in, is going to need some extra help.

“You’re running so much, it’s like a freaking track meet. It’s like a relay. You need extra guys.”

The supersonic pace that Chip Kelly deployed at Oregon is now being established in Philadelphia. Everything they do, they do quickly. The practices — like the meetings — are shorter than is standard in the NFL. But that doesn’t mean they are working less.

“Where in a normal offense you might come out here and  get 30, 40 reps, we’re out here getting 100-and-something plays off,” said McCoy. “We’re doubling the reps, we’re getting it fast-paced so it’s kind of beaten into your head, going over and over again. It’s one of those things you kind of learn on the run. Just in three days I feel like I have the majority of the offense down.”

The 24-year-old back says the team has been watching cut-ups of the Oregon offense, and anticipates that much of what Kelly ran with the Ducks will be seen here in Philly. McCoy thinks that’s good news for him.

“He’s kind of bringing that style of offense,” said McCoy. “That’s the first thing I noticed from going over the plays and watching the [Oregon] tape: There’s so much room the backs have. That fits me. Just to stop, go, pick out the spots you want. I’m blessed to be in an offense like this. I wasn’t sure when he came in but actually seeing it, physically being there and learning it, I feel very, very, very confident.”

It is yet to be seen just how closely the Eagles offense will resemble Oregon’s. But it sure sounds like the pace will be similar.

“I think we’ll be in the best shape in the league for sure,” said McCoy. “There is never a time when we’re breaking. We hustle to working out, lifting weights, everything. Even the meetings are fast. Just that high tempo, high pace, I think it’s a different presence to a defense.

“We’re shifting, moving. As soon as you get tackled, there is no celebrations after the play, strictly get to the next play and let’s go. I want to say by the second or third quarter teams will be tired. That’s what you saw at Oregon. That’s how they won a lot of their games. As a defense you don’t get a chance to really adjust because you are moving so much, giving so many different illusions from different personnel coming in and running the same plays. That’s the biggest advantage.”

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