Catching Up With Quintin Mikell

Count Quintin Mikell‘s wife among those who wouldn’t mind seeing the safety land back in Philly.

The New Jersey native hadn’t spent much time away from this area before the family moved to St. Louis, and dealt with a good bout of homesickness during Mikell’s two years with  the Rams.

“She would like that,” a chuckling Mikell said of a possible reunion with the Eagles.

Mikell himself is on board with the idea. He still has a home here and, despite an emotional departure following the 2010 season, does not harbor any hard feelings towards the organization.

“I am still friends with a lot of the guys,” he said in a phone conversation with Birds 24/7 on Monday evening. “I kept in touch with the young DB’s that were there when I was. I still have good relationships with everybody.”

The 32-year-old was recently released by the Rams. Entering  the third year of a four-year, $27 million deal, Mikell would have  reportedly consumed $9 million of cap room if he wasn’t cut.

“The Rams are in a rebuilding phase,” Mikell explained. “I had a pretty good year I feel, stats wise and game play. There are things that I don’t get credit for like taking on blocks, helping others make plays. I create a lot of good situations for the team.”

Mikell had 101 tackles, three sacks and four forced fumbles for the Rams this past season, and is known as a character guy. A couple teams have reached out since his release, he said, though the Eagles were not one of them. Like the Rams, the Eagles are rebuilding in a lot of respects, and Mikell might not be a fit.

But his wife is still holding out some hope.

“I have a lot of football left. I’m excited to play some ball,” said Mikell, who has missed just one game in the last five years. “I am not against [returning to Philadelphia], but it remains to be seen if it is reciprocated.”

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