Coaching Buzz: Howie Roseman Talks About Search

Howie Roseman surfaced briefly Wednesday to talk about the coaching search.

No, he did not tip his hand, but did speak in generic terms to the team’s website about the process, which is now in its second week.

Is this taking longer than anticipated? “Jeffrey has been very adamant with us that the key is getting the right guy,” said Roseman. “The key isn’t getting the right guy as quickly as possible. So that’s what we’re going to do.”

What do you talk about in a meeting that lasts upwards of nine hours? “Everything. Every aspect of the organization,” said Roseman. “It’s how they run meetings, it’s how they run training camp, what they’re looking for in players, what they’re looking for in coaches. Getting an overall picture. Being a head coach in the National Football League is a big job, and you’re a CEO, so you have to have a plan and know what you’re doing in every area. You would be surprised at how detailed these people are, when it comes to strength and conditioning  or training staff or equipment or video, they have the answers. It’s very interesting to hear.”

What kind of feedback are you getting about the Eagles? “They know we have a great owner who is going to give us as many resources as possible to make sure we succeed. They know that we have just supported a coach for 14 years so we are built that way,” said Roseman. “All they have to do is call Andy Reid to know that’s he we do it. We’ve developed a family here.”

Many (including some Eagles fans) have been waiting for Mike Zimmer‘s name to emerge as a candidate for one of the openings around the league. Finally, it has.

The Eagles and Browns have shown similar taste when it comes to candidates so far. As of Wednesday morning, though, I did not get the sense that Zimmer was in the Eagles’ immediate plans. Jay Gruden is the only Bengals assistant they are publicly tied to at the moment. The Bengals had the sixth-ranked defense in the NFL this season under the guidance of the 56-year-old Zimmer.  In the second half of 2012, Cincinnati allowed just 12.8 points per game.

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