Twitter Mailbag: On Roseman, Geno And Vick

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From @riggitty: would the eagles take a chance on Geno Smith if he’s available?

A lot depends on what they think of Nick Foles by the end of the season. If they believe Foles can develop into an above-average quarterback, then I doubt it. If they come to the conclusion that his ceiling is not very high, all options come onto the table.

I don’t pretend to know whether Geno Smith will be a good NFL quarterback. Same for Matt Barkley. But I am also hesitant to sway with the ever-changing winds of public sentiment. Barkley was a sure-fire stud. Now he’s not. After the combine, maybe his stock rebounds. Who knows.

Bottom line, elite quarterbacks are the rarest commodity on the planet. If you think you have found one, snatch him up — even if Mel Kiper  and 89 percent of the sane world disagrees.

From @TomMcKennaNJ: Any chance Howie Roseman loses his job or at least personnel responsibilities?

There is always the possibility that this collapse has shaken Jeffrey Lurie to his core and he changes direction, but the plan heading in was to keep Roseman around and I believe he sticks to that.

One thing we don’t have a full understanding of is how much of what went wrong over the past two seasons falls on Roseman’s lap. Take, for instance, the 2010 and 2011 drafts. The draft is Roseman’s baby and he owns some of the responsibility. But how much? Remember at the time he had both Andy Reid and Joe Banner above him. Who wanted Danny Watkins? Jaiquawn Jarrett? On what picks was he overruled?

Is the 2012 draft evidence of what he can do when he has more control?

Few people know these answers, but Lurie is one of them.

From @BDAWG_30: Sucks #Birds are one year too late with this collapse; could be rolling w/ RG3 & Bryce Brown combo out of the Pistol #RG3MVP

Way to depress Eagles Nation, B-Dawg!

Remember when news of the Eagles’ pursuit of RGIII and Peyton Manning created a stir? There was even some debate whether it was the right thing to do. Just think if the Eagles were able to pull either one of those deals off now. Manning might be helping Reid make one final charge; RGIII would have the city drunk with excitement about the next decade of Eagles football.

The Redskins were questioned for giving up a king’s ransom to move up and select RGIII. What team wouldn’t do that deal now?

From @derfdy: What’s the order of operations regarding the QB situation with the Eagles now? Do they hire a coach first? Release Vick? Draft?

One of my favorite questions to ponder. The way I understand it, the Eagles have to cut Vick before February 6 to avoid paying the quarterback $3 million. There is a decent chance they have a head coach in place by then. If that’s the case, all the powers that be can weigh their options and then decide on how to proceed at QB.

What if the search drags on and there is still no coach by the deadline? Would they take the financial hit in order to allow the eventual head coach to have a say, or make their own judgment?

I am of the opinion that the head coach should absolutely be not just a voice but the voice when it comes to an on-field decision as critically important as how to move forward at quarterback. If he doesn’t get that opportunity, it will tell us much.

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