A Taste Of Chip Kelly

One name you’re going to hear mentioned quite a bit when the topic of NFL job openings is discussed in the coming months is Oregon’s Chip Kelly.

Kelly turned down a chance to coach the Bucs last offseason. But as we’ve documented in our special Coaching Buzz section, reports indicate that teams are going to go after him hard this time around, and odds seem pretty good that Kelly will make the leap.

As conversation around Philadelphia continues to center around who’s going to replace Andy Reid, it seems appropriate to bring you information on potential candidates from time to time.

So when we saw this clip from Kelly’s press conference earlier today, we thought we’d share it with you.

Most who have read about Kelly know he doesn’t care about time of possession. As Greg Bedard of The Boston Globe wrote recently, “It’s all about total numbers of plays to Kelly. What he’s really looking for is yards and points per minute.”

Bedard’s story details Kelly’s one-word no huddle. You know the Eagles’ slow-moving hurry-up offense? Oregon’s is the opposite. And as Bedard writes, Kelly’s philosophy has made its way to the NFL, and specifically the Patriots. Bill Belichick has picked Kelly’s brain on multiple occasions over the past couple of years.

Oregon currently ranks first in the nation, averaging 54.8 points per game. Tim Livingston of ThePostGame.com recently wrote about how Kelly could spark a “Moneyball Revolution” in the NFL.

We’ll be writing more about Kelly in the coming months, but what do you think? Is this someone you could see as the next head coach of the Eagles?

(Hat tip to The Big Lead for the clip).

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