Eagles Wake-Up Call: Iron-Man Celek

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek.Brent Celek‘s eyes started darting around the room the moment the topic was broached. He looked to his left, to his right,  and finally behind him before finding what he needed. He stepped over to the piece of wood inside his locker, knocked twice, and then let out a “C’Mon, man!”

The question: Have you ever missed a game?

The answer following the initial unrest: No.

Well, not since grade school anyway.

“The last time I missed a game was in the sixth grade. I dislocated my elbow,” said Celek. “I popped it back in myself. I scored a touchdown on the play…It was just reaction. I just hit it and it popped back in. And when I popped it back in it broke.”

The coaches at St. Ignatius undoubtedly appreciated his level of commitment. Same for the staff at LaSalle High School in Ohio, and then the University of Cincinnati. Dozens upon dozens of games, and he played every one. And he definitely wasn’t pain free for the entire ride.

“Yeah, there are some injuries that have been bad. I dislocated my shoulder once — that was probably the worst one that I had just because I got a stinger and then I dislocated my shoulder, so I was kind of messed up. That was in college,” said Celek. “But I still played.”

His streak at the professional level is getting pretty impressive as well. Celek has played in 88 straight games since being drafted in the fifth round by the Eagles back in 2007. Only three other tight ends (Jason Witten, Jeff King and Tony Gonzalez) currently have a longer streak going.

The worst injury he has played through on the professional level was a shoulder tear his rookie season.

“It would dislocate every single game,” he said.

There was the sports hernia and the torn labrum in his left hip that required surgery back in January. And countless other dings along the way.

“Listen, I’ve been lucky. I haven’t had any major injuries. The injuries I’ve had are kind of toughness things — you have to be able to play through them,” said Celek.

The 27-year-old is second to only Pete Retzlaff for most receptions in yards by a tight end in  franchise history.  This is probably his most impressive stat: He is tops among  tight ends in yards after the catch since 2009 (1,397), ahead of Witten (1,348) and Vernon Davis (1,284), per Stats Inc.

Celek has 33 catches for 436 yards with a touchdown this season. He has cooled following a hot start and has dropped some critical passes in recent weeks. To his credit, he has owned every misstep that he has taken this year.

Accountability has really been his calling card as a football player  — on any level.

“Oh man, I hate it,” said Celek of the idea of missing a game. “Just being with the guys, you feel like if you’re not out there you’re letting them down. That’s what it comes down to for me, I don’t want to let anybody else down.”


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