DeSean Jackson Talks Michael Vick, Eagles Fans

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean JacksonDeSean Jackson hit on a number of topics during his appearance on Mike & Mike Tuesday, including getting booed at home and the state of the locker room.

But the question everyone wants to know: Will Michael Vick remain the starter at quarterback?

“As far as what I know right now, Michael Vick is going to be the quarterback,” said Jackson. “I haven’t heard of any changes or anything like that. We’re still going with the plan.”

Vick suggested after Sunday’s loss to the Falcons that Andy Reid is contemplating a quarterback change. While that remains an option, the head coach hadn’t pulled the trigger as of Tuesday morning.

“You can’t ever blame it on one man,” said Jackson. “There have been times when the ball has been put out and there have been turnovers and things like. But as far as Michael Vick and what he’s capable of doing, I think he’s still an elite quarterback in this football league. And we just have to make it easy for ourselves. He’s facing a lot of pressure; a lot of defenses are showing a lot of different looks. As a team and as a wide receiver, we have to do everything in our power to help him out and take some pressure off him.”

Jackson said that “the locker room right now is a very frustrated group of men.” He indicated they haven’t held a players-only meeting as of yet, but did say there is a “player committee squad” featuring a representative from each position that will gather from time-to-time to talk things over.

Jackson was asked about what it’s like playing in Philadelphia when the team is going through a rough stretch like this.

“During the game, me and one of my teammates, he actually said, ‘Man, they are sitting there and booing us.’ For that to be our support team — Philadelphia fans, they are definitely the type of people where if you’re doing good they love you but once you’re doing bad it’s like the world is going to end. To be out there and hear  our home [crowd] booing us, it’s a crazy feeling at times. Once again, we only care about the 53-men on that team, our coaches and the organization. Back’s against the wall. Whoever else is against us, we realize that. Sometimes our own fans can be against us as well.”