Vick, Eagles Eager To Welcome Back Real Refs

News of a possible end to the NFL-referee standoff broke while reporters were in the Eagles locker room. Here is a sampling of the players’ reaction:


“It’s great to have the regular refs back. Nothing against the replacement officials; they did the best they could, you’ve got to understand that. This is the NFL and things can become a little crazy and a little different. It happens fast and if you’re not used to it, it’s hard to adjust. My hat’s off to them. They did the best they could.”


“I think it’s very important. You’ve seen some of the things that have gone on in those games. Just for you to prepare all offseason to get ready, get in shape , going through training camp. The preparation we’re putting in right now for the Giants. Not saying that they decide games, but to have something happen like that against the Packers, that’s tough for guys who prepare the whole week and have it happen like that. So it’s good to get those guys back.

“I was hoping [the blunder in the Packers game] would end it. It was sad that it happened to the Packers. One game can keep you out of the playoffs; hopefully it won’t happen to them. Hopefully it’s finally over and we can get the refs back to what they do best, and we can get back to what we do best — not worrying about that and just playing ball.”


“That would be good, good for the game. You hate to see those kind of things determine the outcome of the game like what happened recently. We’ve done everything we could not to let it impact how we play, not let it impact our focus most importantly. If they get it done, it is better for the safety and integrity of the game, for sure.”


“We can’t really control that. If we sit here and waste all our energy on that, we’re going to get whooped by the Giants. We have to focus on practicing today, getting ready for these guys. If we have the regular refs then great, I would love to have them back. If we don’t, we still have to prepare for them like we would for any other team.”