Reid Says Trade Phones Are ‘Very Active’

It’s that time of  year when teams are actively molding their rosters in search of that perfect blend of potency and balance. The Eagles just so happen to have an excess of talent at a couple key positions. It is a perfect case of supply and demand, and the calls are coming in fast and furious.

“They’re very active. Howie [Roseman] is constantly on the phone,” said Andy Reid. “That’s how it works.”

Clubs have until Friday at 9 p.m. to trim their rosters down to 53. The Eagles, given their defensive line situation primarily, will have to get creative to figure out how it will all come together. The object is to keep the best players. But can you have 20 percent of your roster made up of D-linemen?

“I would tell you that there will be some tough decisions. That means the quality is up and the talent is up,” said Reid. “I would tell you I think Howie has done a phenomenal job bringing people in here, both the pro and the college department, creating this intense competition for some spots here that is healthy and good for your football team.”

Darryl Tapp‘s name has come up quite a bit in trade speculation. He is making a base of $2.6 million this season and is a free agent in 2013. There are teams that could use a productive veteran at defensive end, and there might be some appeal to getting value and a little financial relief in return if you’re stacked up at that position like the Eagles are.

“I don’t know how I would feel about it. I’ve been through that situation before, being traded,” said Tapp, who was dealt from Seattle to Philadelphia for Chris Clemons and a fourth-rounder. “It’s different because I really enjoy being here, the coaching staff and the group of guys I’m with. We’ll see what happens when it happens.”

Tapp added, “A lot of guys here would do a very good job and probably start on a lot of different teams.”

With some intriguing prospects behind LeSean McCoy in Bryce Brown, Dion Lewis and Chris Polk, the Eagles could theoretically get something in return for one of their reserve running backs. And the sudden fight for the remaining quarterback spot gives the Eagles a couple potential options. Both Trent Edwards and Mike Kafka both might be able to fetch you at least a little something on the open market.

“The phones are ringing, so everybody’s talking all the time here. That’s the best way I can put it,” said Reid, when asked specifically about the quarterbacks. “Every position you’re talking about things; that’s just how it works right now. But to pick a specific position, I can’t do that. But just know that there are calls that are being made, and calls taken.”

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