Kolb Fires Back At Kelly; Vick, Celek Weigh In

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael VickKevin Kolb‘s rocky start  in Arizona has not gone unnoticed by his former teammates.

“I’m going to call him tonight. That’s my boy,” said Michael Vick Saturday. “From what I hear, he needs some protection. Other than that I really don’t know. [I’m going to reach out]  just to encourage him more than anything.”

Kolb was sacked three times — once in the end zone for a safety — and went 3-of-6 for 22 yards against the Raiders Friday night. He is now 5-for-15 for 47 yards, no touchdowns and an interception in the preseason, and finds himself in a battle with John Skelton for the starting job.

“He is skittish. He is scared back there,” said Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly, per the Associated Press. “Anytime anybody gets close to him, he starts looking at the refs. As a defensive lineman you love a quarterback like that. He ain’t even trying to look at the routes no more. He is paying attention to us and you ain’t going to get nothing done like that.”

Kolb fired back at Kelly on Saturday.

“Scared? Scared of what?” Kolb said, according to the team’s website. “Taking a hit? I have never been afraid of anyone on the field and that will never change. That includes Number 93 (Kelly). There’s a fine line between holding in the pocket and trying to escape to make a play. Tommy Kelly is too clueless to know the difference. I don’t mind people criticizing my play. Don’t ever question my toughness.”

The former Eagles signal-caller is reportedly playing behind a wobbly offensive line. The situation may have just worsened, as left tackle Levi Brown might be lost for the year with a torn triceps.

“I feel bad for him,” said Brent Celek, who was tight with Kolb when they played together. “The guy’s a good player. Just from what I’m hearing things aren’t working out so well. But it’s still the preseason. He’s just got to keep his head down and keep grinding and keep going. I still think he’s a great quarterback. Doesn’t change my mind.”