Eagles: Asomugha Showing No Concussion Symptoms

A scary scene unfolded on the fields of Lehigh Monday afternoon when a mid-air collission with Nate Allen left Nnamdi Asomugha face down on the ground for several minutes.

The Eagles said Asomugha is showing no concussion symptoms. He has a lip laceration and sore neck, but seems to have avoided any serious injury.

“He seems like he’s doing alright,” said Allen. “He busted  his lip a little bit. I don’t think it’s anything too serious.”

With DeSean Jackson streaking down the sideline, both Allen and Asomugha moved in and leapt in the air to try and break up a Michael Vick pass. They collided and fell to the ground. Allen got up fairly quickly but Asomugha stayed down as teammates took a knee around him. Within a few minutes he began stirring and rose to his knees as the crowd cheered. He eventually made it to his feet, was assisted to the cart and taken inside.

“He looked alright. He was smiling a little bit and talking. It’s not like he was out of it or concussed or anything,” said Allen.

Asomugha suffered a concussion in early December last season against the Seahawks.

“His helmet went into my chest and my forearm got him a little bit…I saw him but when you’re out there you’re playing fast and things happen, you collide sometimes. I was hoping for the best but you’ve got to go for the ball. You can’t dodge each other.”

Allen said he just had the wind knocked out of him, and he returned to practice without missing a rep.