Launch Day at Birds 24/7

We should probably start with the feedback.

Since the announcement that we would be partnering with Philly Mag to bring you Birds 24/7, we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received. A big reason why this blog exists is because the idea of Sheil and Tim made simple sense: Combine two distinctive styles that could serve as a genuine complement to one another, and use the synergy to create a full-service home for Eagles fans. It is comforting to know that so many of you are warm to the idea.

So, thank you. We’ll work to meet your expectations.

The goal is to create a one-stop site that will bring you breaking news and original analysis while throwing a lasso around the web and pulling in all the pertinent info about your team. The coverage will be original and all-encompassing.  It will be intense. We’ll be sentenced to the sofa more than once, undoubtedly.

What a great season to jump into this venture. The Eagles are coming off a devastatingly disappointing season and the head coach, ring-less for 13 years and counting, is in full fight-out-of-the-corner mode. Joe Banner has been exiled, the organization is potentially on the verge of a significant restructuring  but no worries, says the quarterback, the Eagles have what it takes to create a dynasty. You get the feeling, one way or another, something big is about to go down.

So much to get into. So much on the line. So much fun to be had.

So let’s start it. We are extremely excited about this project and glad you will be a part of it. Big things ahead.

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–Tim McManus and Sheil Kapadia