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2022 Best Running and Strength-Training Combo

Barry’s Philadelphia

Long before 50 Shades of Grey, Barry’s created its own red room for addictive HIIT workouts that are said to burn up to 1,000 calories in less than an hour (talk about efficient). At the Rittenhouse spot, the team provides an easy-to-learn, ever-changing lineup of intense treadmill sprints and strength-training exercises that are accessible for self-proclaimed non-runners but tough enough to challenge the most athletic among us. Read More »

1915-17 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2022 Best Outdoor Workout

Rooftop Barre Bounce by Tuck Barre & Yoga

When spring arrives, Tuck’s Barre Bounce takes center stage. On Saturday mornings, jump your butt off on a mini trampoline while doing ballet-inspired micro movements — all on the roof of a Point Breeze building. High cardio, low impact and killer skyline views? Working up a sweat has never been this much fun. Read More »

1300 South 19th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2022 Best Intro to Barbells

Collective Strength

This grassroots strength-training­ community turned barbell gym was founded on accessibility, inclusiveness and joyful movement, especially for groups not typically represented in power lifting. How’d they do it? Through flexible pricing, sliding-scale “Badass Barbell” workshops, size-inclusive equipment, and a future co-op model, so members have a real stake in the biz. Read More »

3245 Amber Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2022 Best Early-Morning Workout

X Training

Husband-and-wife duo John and Killian Daley have created a strength and conditioning gym where the latest workout starts at 8 a.m. But the consistent high-energy vibe, rotation through equipment, and challenging sessions will make roosters of even the sleep-till-noon crew. Read More »

1111 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA Website

2021 Best New Outdoor Workout

Strength Haus

This collective of strength trainers is on a mission to “bring lifting to the masses,” according to co-founder Jon Lyons. Expect donation-based outdoor kettlebell sessions every Sunday across the city and fitness content for even the gym-averse on IG. Read More »


2021 Best New At-Home Workout

The Movement Project

After shuttering Freehouse Fitness last September, owner/ Pilates instructor Dana Auri­emma is back with livestreamed and outdoor sculpting, rebounding, reformer and yoga classes that will leave you feeling strong no matter where you’re working out. Read More »


2018 Best Workout Trend

Puppy Yoga

Don’t expect to do a lot of working out in this workout. It’s mostly about animal rescue orgs helping puppies find homes – and puppy snuggles. Lots of puppy snuggles. Popping up at studios like Amrita Yoga & Wellness and OpenBox Athletics. Read More »

2018 Best Workout for People Who Would Rather Be at Brunch

Namaste Nourish

We’ll gladly work out for waffles, especially when they’re turmeric-infused. At this pop-up series, yogi Joanna Da Sylva leads the room through an hour of flows while chefs Hava Rose and Ashley Law whip up a plant-based superfood brunch. Avocado toast, date-tahini smoothies and vegan ice cream have all made the menu. Read More »


2018 Best Reason to Work Out at 6 A.M.


What sounds more enjoyable: setting your alarm for a solo jog through the neighborhood, or setting your alarm for an hour of yoga followed by a bout of no-holds-barred dancing in a cool venue like Moshulu or One Liberty Observation Deck? This group exercise class disguised as a daytime party – founded in New York before making its way to Philly in January – is the most fun we’ve had working out in a long time. Read More »

6340 Coldwater Canyon Ave, Suite 206, North Hollywood, CA Website

2018 Best Midday Workout


Kudos to anyone who can work out and shower in a single lunch break. For the rest of us, there’s X-Force. The Swedish-designed system of negative-force training uses machines that flip the weight stacks to add extra resistance to the second half of a rep. You’ll work out harder in less time – 30 minutes, to be exact. Read More »

The Graham Building, 30 S 15th St, Philadelphia, PA | 215-372-9090 | Website