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2021 Best Pasta Pop-Up

Nardone Pasta Co.

Some of the best pasta dishes in Philly right now — hand-rolled trofie pasta salad with gochujang and smoked celery; fusilli tossed with broccolini and preserved lemon — aren’t coming from any one kitchen, but from whatever restaurant or bar gives the Nardone crew the keys for a night. Multiple locations. Read More »


2020 Best Way to Eat Marc Vetri’s Pasta

Fiorella Pasta Bar

Look, we love Vetri Cucina. It’s inarguably one of the crown jewels of our dining scene — a place that constantly reinvents the very notion of what Italian fine dining can be. But with Fiorella Pasta Bar — his pre-pandemic experiment — Vetri might have inadvertently shown us what a post-fine-dining world can really look like: a place where short-order counter-service dining can be just as delicious (and twice as fun). Absent the pomp, circumstance, reverential quiet, fancy crystal and sky-high prices of the Cucina, Fiorella delivers a raw, vital and delicious experience proving that what’s on the plate matters more than anything else. Read More »

817 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-305-9222 | Website

2019 Best Stuffed Pasta

Tortellini en Brodo at Cry Baby Pasta

Folded pouches of pork and cheese (the pasta so delicate that you can see through it) swimming in an intense pork and chicken broth. It’s easily the most comforting dish in Philly. Read More »

627 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-534-3076 | Website

2019 Best Spaghetti

Smoked Herring Spaghetti at Friday Saturday Sunday

Chad Williams and his sous- chef, Sashia Lariano, like to break rules by combining unexpected ingredients, with surprisingly delicious results. Case in point: these expert noodles, which only get better with a sauce of briny smoked fish (for depth), crab (for sweetness), chili (for heat), and anise seed (to perk it all up). Read More »

261 South 21st Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-546-4232 | Website

2019 Best Pasta to Eat at Home

Garganelli From Pasta Lab

Restaurant-quality agnolotti, lumache and garganelli, made from farm eggs and local fresh-milled whole grains, to have on an average harried Wednesday night. Who needs you, Marc Vetri? Available at various farmers’ markets. Read More »


2019 Best Pasta Shape

Creste di Gallo at Andiario

The Italian “creste di gallo” translates to “rooster’s crest.” Maybe you’ve had them before (they often look like elbow macaroni with curly mohawks), but we promise, pasta god Anthony Andiario’s are different — handmade, stuffed with all things local and seasonal, both wild and elegant. Read More »

106 West Gay Street, West Chester, PA | 484-887-0919 | Website

2019 Best Gnocchi

Gnocchi Sardi at Res Ipsa Cafe

There is literally no difference between Michael Vincent Ferreri’s gnocchi sardi (longish nubs of pasta in a chunky sauce of eggplant, tomato and chili) and the gnocchi sardi you’ll eat in southern Italy. Read More »

2218 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-519-0329 | Website

2017 Best Pasta Maker

Vera Pasta

Joe D’Andrea makes extruded pastas the proper way—with bronze dies for texture and top-notch ingredients for maximum flavor. It’s why a bunch of our favorite restaurants and specialty shops (Di Bruno Bros., Green Aisle Grocery) serve and sell his goods. And now, with his new storefront, you can get those noodles faster and fresher. Read More »

319 Westtown Road, Suite K, West Chester, PA | 610-701-5400 | Website

2017 Best Pasta

Wm. Mulherin’s Sons

At Mulherin’s, pretty much everything is remarkable, which makes the fact that chef Chris Painter’s pastas are the most memorable part of eating there that much more impressive. The combinations (agnolotti with suckling pig and cabbage), expert preparation (hand-cut pappardelle) and varieties we’ve never heard of (the giant spaghetti-like bigoli) make every other pasta menu look boring. Read More »

1355 North Front Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-291-1355 | Website

2015 Best Pasta


The chicken liver rigatoni has the most fanatical boosters, but don't miss the seasonal specials, like the gemelli with green beans and basil pesto, or the sweet pea ravioli with mortadella mousse. Read More »

640 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-763-0920 | Website