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2019 Best Cheesesteak

Salmon Cheesesteak at Sister Muhammad’s Kitchen

As Philly’s Muslim population grew, so did the popularity of the salmon cheesesteak. It’s become essential to any aficionado’s checklist. Start here. Read More »

4441 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-621-7250 | Website

2018 Best Twist on a Cheesesteak


Instead of a late-night trip to Pat’s or Geno’s, head to this Ethiopian bar – open till 2 a.m. – where they transform Philly’s iconic sandwich with spicy berbere seasoning for a hybrid delicacy. Read More »

4540 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA | 215-386-1444 | Website

2015 Best Cheesesteak

Philly’s Finest Sambonis

These Northeast Philly buddies, who debuted their food truck on the Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race, have dreamed up a new model of cheesesteak: They hollow out the roll so each bite is light on bread, heavy on beef, cheese and fried onions, and much less of a dribbly mess. Read More »

Various locations; follow @SamboniBoys

2014 Best Cheesesteak

Spot Gourmet Burgers, Steaks & Pork

Steve, Jim, Pat and Geno pretty much do one thing: steaks. But Josh Kim, from the confines of a food cart the size of a shoebox, whips up everything from burgers to lobster rolls. And yet his cheese-steak is still a cut above, thanks to slices of hand-cut sirloin that are seasoned well and layered with onions that have some bite. Read More »

| 484-620-6901 | Website

2012 Best Cheesesteak

Tony Luke’s

Readers’ Choice: It was a fight to the finish, as the Philip’s folks worked hard to get out the vote among their devotees. (The even called our office. Often.) But in the end, stalwart Tony Luke’s walked away with Best Cheesesteak honors. Read More »

39 East Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-551-5725 | Website

2013 Best Cheesesteak

Pittsburgh Cheesesteak at American Sardine Bar

Stacks of seasoned quality beef piled to the rafters with coleslaw and salt-and-pepper fries, all atop a crusty hoagie roll: This behemoth has us saying nice things about the Burgh and a cheesesteak for the first time in longer than we can remember. Read More »

1800 Federal Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-334-2337 | Website

2011 Best Cheesesteak

Mama’s Pizzeria

Don't let the whole "pizzeria" thing or the bizarre clown motif inside throw you. First, everyone knows that clowns love cheesesteaks. Second, the Mama's crew uses sandwich-artist magic to ensure that every bite of their fat sandwiches contains juicy steak (natch), the house cheese blend and onion in ideal proportions. Read More »

426 Belmont Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA | 610-664-4757 | Website

2010 Best Cheesesteak

Johnny’s Hots

Out of a shop the size of a studio apartment: chopped, just-greasy-enough meat packed in wit' diced fried onions and a generous layer of Whiz (or prov, if you like) on a torpedo roll, for a change. Totally worth the trek to Fishtown to savor on one of the few outdoor benches. Read More »

1234 North Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-423-2280

2009 Best Cheesesteak

Wit or Witout

It's been years even decades since someone was brave enough to enter into the Philly cheesesteak wars. But 2009 saw the opening of Wit or Witout, where Mayfair native Nicole DiZio not only tossed her name into the ring, but opened her modern red-and-gray shop in one of the key battlefields: the Northeast. And boy, did she do it right. Moist and meaty top round is sliced, grilled, slathered with melted American, Whiz or provolone, and layered on a substantial, chewy hoagie roll, creating a beefy sandwich that isn't overloaded with cheese. Watch out, boys (yeah, we're talkin' to you, Steve, Jim, Joey and Pat): There's a new girl in town. Read More »

7352 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 267-343-7667 | Website