8 Places to Grab Whole30-Friendly Bites Around Philly

Preparation is key when it comes to the Whole30 program. We can help!

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There are several Whole30 restaurants around Philadelphia where you can easily stick to the diet. Photograph of Chimichurri Chicken courtesy Snap Kitchen, background via mubai/iStock

So, you’ve decided to set aside 30 days of your life to rid your diet of dairy, grains, sugar, and legumes in an effort to hit the reset button on your health and habits. In other words, you’re on the Whole 30 diet.

While the main goal of the program — getting you to eat real food – is a good one, unfortunately we can’t all stay at home and eat organic avocados all day. If you find yourself out in the city, away from all of your Whole30-approved groceries and HUNGRY, what’re you supposed to do? Cheat on the diet? Heck no! You calmly bring up this ever-so-helpful list (that you’ve bookmarked, obvi) and head to the closest eatery for some Whole30-approved grub.

And FYI: There are a ton of other local restaurants and national fast food chains that have Whole30-friendly menu options. (Even quickie places like Chipotle, Panera and — wait for it — Five Guys are all fair game.) So if you’re not near any of these recommended Whole30 restaurants, ask a server at one of them instead.

1225 Walnut Street, Midtown Village; 1917 East Passyunk Avenue, South Philly; 3200 Chestnut Street, University City.


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At Fuel, everything is made-to-order, making substitutions very easy (and not awkward!) for those following the Whole30 program. All of Fuel’s salads can be made to be Whole30 compliant without changing the flavor of the food too drastically.

Multiple locations


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This made-to-order salad and stir-fry spot makes it easy to customize your order excluding anything non-Whole30 compliant. We’ve eyed the Cobb Salad as a viable option, so long as you nix the blue cheese and swap the white balsamic vinaigrette for the walnut lemon dressing (which has no sugar).

P.S. & Co.
1706 Locust Street, Rittenhouse


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P.S. & Co. makes following the Whole30 program easy with their organic, vegan, and gluten-free food options. Pop in for one of their delicious cold-pressed juices, but stay for their Avocado Kale Salad with portabella (you’ll have to avoid the tofu because it has soy — a no-no on the diet).

Real Food Eatery
207 South 16th Street, Rittenhouse; 1700 Market Street, Center City; 4040 City Avenue, Main Line.


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Real Food focuses on just what their namesake implies, bringing fresh food to you in a “fast food” way. These quick meals not only taste great but also make it easy to be healthy on the go. This makes them perfect for Whole30-ers who want to stick to their plan. The salmon filet with chopped kale, an avocado half, and roasted sweet potatoes sounds particularly delicious.

Snap Kitchen
Multiple locations


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Whether you’re shopping online or in store, Snap Kitchen makes it super easy to find Whole30-approved dishes by categorizing their meals by diet. This takes all the guesswork out of the situation and makes it easier to learn each ingredient because that’s the most crucial bit. Grab the Chimichurri Beef or the Chicken Tenders with Turnip Mash, and chow down.

Multiple locations


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Sweetgreen keeps you in control of what you’re eating without the headache of being sure you’re making a right choice. Plus, you don’t have to BYO salad dressing: Sweetgreen is known for most of their salad dressings being Whole30-compliant. A Whole30 fan-favorite is their Guacamole Greens salad without tortilla strips.

True Food Kitchen
239 Mall Boulevard, King of Prussia


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While True Food Kitchen’s menu is based on the anti-inflammatory diet, a few tweaks can be made to most dishes to make them Whole30-approved. This is the perfect spot to hit if you find yourself near KOP mall or in the surrounding area, and hunger strikes. Everything on the menu is clearly labeled, and we hear that the Panang Curry is a prime option for Whole30-ers.

Whole Foods Salad and Hot Bar
Multiple locations


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The food bar at Whole Foods is truly what dreams are made of. Despite it not being a “restaurant” per se, the variety of options offered and the fact that many have seating areas make it hard to overlook. All of the ingredients are prominently displayed above each salad and hot bar item, making it easy to determine what’s Whole30-approved to eat. There are also employees that typically hang around the area so if you aren’t sure — just ask.

Additional reporting by Cierra Williams and Bailey King.

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