Where to Get IV Vitamin Therapy in and Around Philadelphia

For when you're dehydrated or hungover, or need that extra boost of nutrients.

Here’s where to book IV therapy in and around Philadelphia, including mobile concierge services. / Photograph courtesy of City Hydration.

In recent years, getting intravenous (IV) therapy in a boutique wellness space has become a thing. It’s a way to alleviate symptoms you experience when you’re not feeling so great — whether from being hungover, feeling flu-ish, experiencing menstrual cramps, or being jet-lagged — by pumping vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. (One of our own tried it after a rambunctious holiday bar crawl through South Philly, and it worked wonders.)

It’s worth noting that the effectiveness and safety of the wellness trend has been debated among medical experts, who encourage folks to use caution when considering a drip bar (i.e. consult your primary care doctor before visiting one, especially if you have an underlying condition; make sure the administrator is medically trained and certified; know what exactly is going into your body).

If you’ve done your due diligence and you’re ready to try IV therapy, consult our list (below) of where you can get vitamin- and nutrient-enriched infusions in and around Philadelphia.

Affinity Well Spa

376 Second Street Pike, Southampton

This Southampton med spa has a variety of IVs to help support a range of needs, including general immune support, hangover relief, diabetes control, anti-aging, and recovery for athletes.

Art of Pain Management & Regenerative Medicine

9622 Bustleton Avenue, suite 3, Northeast Philly and 7000 Terminal Square, Upper Darby

With two locations, this pain management center aims to alleviate physical ailments — from arthritis and spinal cord pain to nerve blocks and aching muscles. Its IV therapy — which is offered only at the Upper Darby location — can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on your needs.

Axiom IV Therapy


Axiom is a mobile IV therapy biz serving the Philadelphia area. That means a certified registered nurse anesthetist or an anesthesiologist will come directly to your home or office to administer any of Axiom’s nine IVs, plus different vitamin and antioxidant add-ons.

Axiva Health Solutions

2042 County Line Road, Huntingdon Valley and 1120 Township Line Road, suite 300, Havertown

At Axiva’s Huntingdon Valley and Havertown locations, you can choose from 10 wellness infusions. There’s the saline- and electrolytes-based IV for when you just need some extra hydration and the vitamin C-enriched immunity boost; as well as “cocktails” to relieve migraines, hangovers, and fatigue.

Brooke Alexandria Spa

379 West Lancaster Avenue, Haverford

In addition to facials, injectables, waxing, lashes, and singing bowl sessions, Brooke Alexandria Spa offers 60-minute IV hydration therapy. Once you’ve booked, talk with one of the spa’s providers to determine which vitamin treatment is ideal for you.


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Bucky Body Center

1915 Sansom Street, Rittenhouse

The IV therapy at Bucky Body Center in Rittenhouse is unlike others in that it lasts just 60 seconds! That’s right: In one minute, the FastVitaminIV will transfer 19 nutrients and a blend of amino acids directly into your bloodstream — a potent push that happens just like *snaps fingers* but will keep you feeling good for days.

City Hydration

Multiple locations

With locations in Center City, Wayne, and Avalon (plus a mobile concierge), City Hydration has 14 different infusion options to relieve everything from jet lag to menstrual pain and post-op discomfort. There are also menus for vitamin and nutrient add-ons and shots, so you can get whatever extra oomph you might need.

Cryo Myst Therapy Lounge

510 Lancaster Avenue, Haverford

Don’t let the name fool you: This wellness spa has more than just cryotherapy. Besides fillers, compression therapy, teeth whitening, tanning, waxing, and lashes, Cryo Myst provides nine IV therapies that can be enhanced by 12 add-ons and will last between 45 to 60 minutes. This treatment is available to clients whose medical history and medications have been reviewed by the spa’s registered nurse.

Dr. Charlie Seltzer

1429 Walnut Street, suite 401, Center City

At Dr. Charlie Seltzer’s Center City office, choose from eight infusions that aim to relieve — in 30 to 45 minutes — nausea, acne, fatigue, and issues related to athletic performance. Also available are two options for NAD+ IV therapy, which is meant to promote brain cell regeneration and enhance general cognitive functioning.

Drip Hydration


A mobile service, Drip Hydration brings IV therapy directly to you. With 11 vitamin infusion options, you’ll feel replenished in the comforts of your own home, no matter if you’re dealing with a stomach bug, dehydration, or low iron levels. Bonus: The company also offers in-home COVID-19 testing, lab draws, and vaccine administration.

Elevate Wellness

2500 North Providence Road, Media and 26 Brookline Boulevard, Havertown

Founded by a Delaware County-based registered nurse, Elevate Wellness has eight IV drips available intended to alleviate symptoms caused by oxidative stress, dehydrated skin, seasonal allergies, or a long night of partying. You can also customize your treatment with a vitamin/nutrient add-on — there are 10 of them. Elevate Wellness works out of Rosetree Wellness Center in Media on Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Ruthie’s in Havertown on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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IV Elements


IV Elements services all of Philadelphia and New Jersey, as well as Bucks County and even New York City with its mobile infusion concierge. The menu includes 12 vitamin IVs, vitamin boosters, and a handful of specialty treatments like high-dose vitamin C and mistletoe therapy for cancer patients.

Ketamine Wellness Infusions

146 Montgomery Avenue, suite 202, Bala Cynwyd

Yes, this Bala Cynwyd center is home to ketamine infusions, but it also offers 15 ketamine-free, nutrient-rich IV therapies good for cold and flu relief, an energy boost, or inflammation reduction. The majority of the IV nutritional infusions here take 45 minutes.

KP Aesthetics

4621 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square

In addition to a bunch of cosmetic treatments, this med spa in Newtown Square provides IV therapy to help make sure you’re absorbing an adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin C, calcium, and B vitamins. In order to find out which of KP Aesthetics’ “cocktails” is right for you, schedule a free IV-therapy consult with one of the boutique’s certified practitioners.

Lips and Drips by Erica Marie

2342 South Broad Street, South Philly

This year, Lips and Drips won a Best of Philly for its IV therapy. At the South Philly biz, sit back and let any one of the five doctor-curated infusions do its thing, so that you can say sayonara to your sluggish, dehydrated self.

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Main Line Plastic Surgery

945 East Haverford Road, suite 102, Bryn Mawr

The med spa portion of Main Line Plastic Surgery features IV therapy that can be administered in the Bryn Mawr office or in your own home. You’ve got nine infusions to choose from — including a post-surgery bounce back and a sadness-kicking B12 blast — plus 12 vitamin and nutrient add-ons.

Meeting Point Health

161 Leverington Avenue, suite 101, Manayunk

Along with orthopedic and med spa services, the team at Manayunk’s Meeting Point Health administers 13 different IV therapies. Here you’ll find a variety of vitamin and nutrient infusions, as well as ozone therapy — which uses three oxygen atoms to keep your immune system in tip-top shape — and Methylene Blue treatment for those living with Lyme disease.

Mercado Medical Practice

7500 Central Avenue, suite 203, Northeast Philly

This med center in the Burholme section of Northeast Philly focuses on IV therapy for the sake of hydration and feeling energized. You’re able to add in a Myers or a mood support “cocktail” for extra vitamins, or combine the physician-curated concoctions for an even greater boost.

NuCell Regenerative Health

632 Montgomery Avenue, 3rd floor, Narberth

Wellness clinic NuCell has a menu of 11 IV treatments for you to peruse. During flu season, you’ll likely opt for the antiviral infusion, but during the day-to-day grind, “cocktails” for insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and fatigue might be your go-to.

Philly IV

209 West Girard Avenue, Fishtown and mobile

Deeming itself the city’s “hangover treatment lounge,” Philly IV offers IV therapies for four specific needs: hangover relief (obv), dehydration, energy booster, and recovery for athletes. Currently, Philly IV is seeing clients at its Fishtown location and via at-home visits by appointment.

Redwood Beauty & Wellness

441 Lyceum Avenue, Manayunk

This full-service day/med spa in Manayunk is home to six infusions to help you overcome pounding headaches, dull-looking skin and hair, airborne illness, and difficulty concentrating.


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Reset by Therabody

1424 Frankford Avenue, Fishtown

Another 2022 Best of Philly winner, Reset by Therabody in Fishtown is a comprehensive wellness center relieving an array of conditions with high-tech treatments. Here, pick from 12 infusions for hydration, immune support, fat burning, and cognitive function.

Restore Hyper Wellness

Multiple locations

With a bunch of locations across the Philly suburbs and in South Jersey (and soon-to-come spots in Center City, Warrington, and Delaware), Restore Hyper Wellness is all about making sure you get to live a high-quality life. Among their modalities is 60-to-90-minute infusions — from varying dosages of vitamin C to hydration-focused drips.

Revitalize Aesthetics

20 Greenfield Avenue, Ardmore

Revitalize Aesthetics offers six different nutrient IVs at its Ardmore office. Expect infusions that’ll help boost metabolism, enhance athletic performance, combat tired skin, and support your immune system.



Revive2Survive is a mobile IV therapy company serving Center City and Radnor. Within 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment time, one of R2S’s nurses will arrive with your selected drip (hangover, immunity, jet lag, migraine, fully customized, etc.). Treatment takes between 45 and 60 minutes, and can be booked for yourself or a group.


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Salus Hydrate

Multiple locations

Physician-owned and -operated Salus Hydrate has three Philly-area locations: Newtown, Doylestown, and Elkins Park. At any of them, select from 15 IVs like the Migraine Away, Fountain of Youth, Neuroboost, and Happy Baby (for expecting mothers). Walk-ins are welcome and home visits are available, too.


Multiple locations, plus mobile

With offices in Wynnewood and Wayne, as well as an on-demand concierge, VitamINfuse features 11 infusions for you to choose from. Expect the usual suspects — performance, beauty, hangover relief, immunity, and energy — with some drips available in both liter and half-liter amounts.

Viva Care Solutions

1613 Germantown Avenue, suite 106, Kensington and mobile

Founded by a Philly-raised nurse practitioner, Viva Care Solutions provides med spa aesthetics, COVID-19 testing, and wellness services — along with IV drips, of course. Their 12 infusions — which are administered in the Kensington office or in your own home — cover a range of issues, including stress, fatigue, migraines, PMS, and dehydration. You can also customize a drip to personalize the experience.