Say Hello to Center City’s Newest Boutique Boxing Gym

Endgame Boxing & Fitness offers seven class styles — from boxing basics and “Fight Night” to strength training without the gloves.

Located at 20th and Chestnut Streets, Endgame Boxing & Fitness offers a variety of boxing classes, strength training workouts, and private sessions. / Photograph courtesy of Endgame Boxing & Fitness.

About three years ago, Center City saw a huge boutique boxing gym boom — with celeb-loved franchises Rumble Boxing, EverybodyFights, and Title Boxing Club opening Philly locations within five months of each other. While Rumble continues to bring the heat, the region sadly lost EverybodyFights and Title Boxing Club over the course of the pandemic.

But never fear! The era of boutique boxing gyms in Philly isn’t TKO’d just yet. That’s right: A new one just opened in Center City. (Cue the crowd going wild.)

Opened January 15th, Endgame Boxing & Fitness is a hybrid boxing and strength training studio that hosts small-group classes and private sessions. That means you’re going to feel welcome and capable, no matter if you’re into boxing or not.

The Center City gym currently offers seven different types of classes — four of which are boxing-oriented — with every one capped at 10 people. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • The Basics: If you’re a total beginner, this is the class for you. Expect to learn boxing 101, including how to hit the bag, throw jabs, and nail down footwork.
  • Poundtown: Expect 12 rounds of high-intensity work with the heavy bag, bodyweight exercises, and hitting combos. (Take this class once you’ve got the basics covered.)
  • The Art of Padwork: You’ll execute offensive and defensive skills on pads held by your coach, and also learn how to hold the pads yourself for others.
  • Fight Night: This class is meant to sharpen your overall skills so you can feel confident stepping into the ring like a trained boxer.
  • Strength-O-Nomics: A non-boxing class that teaches you how to properly and effectively work various muscle groups. Yep, it’s a full-body workout!
  • Shred: A non-boxing, cardio-intense class that rotates you through endurance equipment like the assault bike, the ski erg, and free weights.
  • Glute to Core: A non-boxing class that focuses on — you guessed it — your core and booty using resistance bands, dumbbells, and medicine balls.

Endgame is the brainchild of Geoffrey “The General” McBride, former manager of EverybodyFights’s Philly and New York City locations (so you know you’re in good hands!). With over a decade of boxing experience, McBride says the sport, especially for beginners or people who don’t want to go pro, can help build confidence, learn how to defend themselves, and make people feel supported, all while getting a high-energy workout. It’s precisely why he named his studio Endgame: “To me, the end game is helping people feel comfortable in their skin and live out the lifestyle they want — both of which are impacted by wellness routines,” he says. “I know boxing gyms can be intimidating, but Endgame aims to empower people, no matter what class they take.”

To check out Endgame for yourself, sign-up for a single class ($30) here. There are also class packages and memberships available, as well as two personal training options.

Endgame Boxing & Fitness is located at 2026 Chestnut Street in Center City.