Title Boxing Club Philadelphia Is Now Open. Here’s 5 Reasons You’ll Love It.

Title Boxing Club Philadelphia is one of several new boxing studios headed to Philly.

title boxing club philadelphia

Title Boxing Club Philadelphia is now open on Market Street. Photograph by Caroline Cunningham

PSA, people! Title Boxing Club Philadelphia — yes that Title boxing brand — just opened at 2101 Market Street, which means that the boom in boxing studios around Philly is officially *happening.*

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Currently, the gym is offering everyone a free three-day pass, which means you can sign up here and go visit whenever you please. But if you’re not sure whether you like boxing, or whether Title is worth a visit (but, I mean, it’s free. C’mon!), here’s a few reasons we loved it — and think you will, too.

The Studio Is Gorgeous

Title Boxing Club Philadelphia

Title Boxing Club Philadelphia includes eight three-minute boxing rounds on the heavy bags. Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

When you think of boxing, you may not think pristine gym floors, tons of natural light, and crisp branding, but that’s exactly what you get at Title Boxing Club Philadelphia. Though the gym sells itself as the “authentic” place to box in Philly — they only hire real boxers, not fitness instructors or former clients — it still gets the glowed-up boutique fitness treatment. It doesn’t smell like sweat (probably because it’s new and because the whole place gets disinfected the second a class steps away from the heavy bags), the bathrooms are upscale (no showers or towels, though), and the music is a hit.

You’ll Get a TON of Personal Attention

Title Boxing Club Philadelphia

Boxing gloves are provided at Title Boxing Club Philadelphia. Photograph by Caroline Cunningham

Not only do the Title Boxing instructors wrap your hands for you — which is good, because I’m guessing most of us have no idea how to do so properly — but they also continue the personal attention throughout the class. While most boutique workouts include a single instructor for a class of 30 participants, at Title, there are several — my class had three. Not only are they watching out for form, but they’re also there to motivate you, demonstrate punches, and do some one-on-one mitts work with you. While it’s easy to feel like quitting in the middle of the workout — boxing is intense  — that’s a lot harder to do when you’ve got a personal cheerleader staring you down.

You’ll Get in Some Great Conditioning

Title Boxing Club Philadelphia

Title Boxing Club Philadelphia only hires boxers — even to work the front desk. Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Yes, this is a boxing class. But it’s also a class that trains you like a boxer, which means learning how to move fast, with power. The class starts with a 15-minute warm up that’ll have you breathing hard, fast, and sweating just a few minutes in. (Think: Squat pulses, jump squats, lunges, burpees, jumping an imaginary rope.) After the warm up, you’ll do eight three-minute rounds, and in between, you’ll do more, similar exercises. All this to say: The class is so much more than punching a bag — and by the time you’re done, you’re done. (No joke: I’m *trying* to drink a cup of coffee while writing this, but my hand keeps shaking as I bring the cup to my mouth, and this is nearly 20 hours after the class!)

Your Core Will Get Some Serious Love

I can’t tell you the last time I did 15 minutes of straight core, mostly because doing core is terrible and horrible and no fun and makes me want to run very, very far away. But I know that core is healthy and important, so that is why I appreciate that the last quarter of the class is basically one long midsection torch fest. Seriously — we went from sit ups with a medicine ball to Russian twists to flutter kicks to crunches to bicycles to I-can’t-remember-the-rest-because-I-am-blocking-it-out.

You’ll Get Real-Time Feedback

Title Boxing Club Philadelphia has trackers on every bag that projects your score (based on how hard and frequently you’re hitting the bag) up onto a screen for all to see. This means you can not only compete with the other people in the room, but you can also compete with yourself round to round, and class to class.

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