A New Location of the Reiki School Just Opened in Queen Village

With offerings from reiki to massage to intuitive tarot readings, the new spot is perfect for the mystical among us.

Photograph by Amber Johnson, courtesy of The Reiki School

Get ready to relax and breathe deeper in Queen Village at the just-opened outpost of The Reiki School + Clinic. It’s the 21-year-old business’s second Philadelphia location (934 E. Moyamensing Street.) With two treatment rooms, a store, and a classroom, the Queen Village spot — which had its grand opening earlier this month — offers the school’s full range of alternative healing therapies, from reiki to massage to herbal consultations to intuitive tarot readings.

For those of you wondering what exactly Reiki is, we can explain — it’s a Japanese energy healing method. When you go in for your Reiki session, the practitioner places their hands lightly on your body as you recline, fully clothed, on a comfy massage chair or table. This purportedly allows for a transfer of healing energy. Yep, it’s as simple (or complicated) as that: Reiki is all about balance and a belief in that transfer of energy.

Unlike some types of massage or physical therapy, Reiki doesn’t focus on treating specific symptoms alone. Instead, treatments at the Reiki School + Clinic set out to offer the entire body a sense of wellbeing and peace — whether it works or not is a matter of individual assessment.

Photograph by Amber Johnson, courtesy of The Reiki School

If Reiki is still a little too woo-woo for you to book a full session, the Reiki School + Clinic offers combo massage and Reiki treatments at both of their Philly locations, with added special options for pre-and-post-natal clients. (The first outpost is The Ellington Building on 1500 Chestnut Street.)

But for those who want even more mystical healing? The School also offers sound healing options for Reiki treatments involving quartz crystal singing bowls, drums, rattles, and crystals placed on your body. They also offer space cleansing services for homes and offices, herbal medicine consultations, and tarot readings for guidance on everything from your love life to your work life to your past life.

Photograph courtesy of The Reiki School

Photograph courtesy of The Reiki School

At a minimum of $80 per session, you might want to learn how to perform Reiki for yourself at home. If you’re intrigued, you can even take classes at the Reiki School + Clinic to learn how to treat yourself or others. The Reiki School + Clinic also offers classes in Reiki at four different levels, so that you too can become a master of the treatment method. They even have options for training in Animal Reiki, because we all know our furry friends (and bugs?) need balance too.

Even if Reiki isn’t for you, the new location is good news for Queen Village. Reiki School Co-directors Stephanie Palmer, LMT, RM, and Vicki Zaharopoulos, LMT, RM, HHC bring years of expertise and a desire to be a positive presence in the neighborhood. The School’s mission is even based around mirroring the community of bees in a hive (check out their honeycomb logo). They work to support their communities and neighborhoods by collaborating with local healthcare groups and nonprofits at their two Philly locations.


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So what does it mean that a holistic, Japanese wellness-based business is expanding (to its third location!) in our area? Maybe it’s part of the unstoppable millennial interest in astrology and other forms of alternative spirituality. Or maybe it’s a sign that Philadelphia has a growing need for balance and mental clarity these days (A.K.A. We’re all way too stressed out.)

Either way, be sure to check out the new location of the Reiki School + Clinic, and treat yourself to a day — or several — of pursuing inner peace.

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