A New Self-Care Space Featuring Infrared Saunas Is Opening in Philly

Refresh, restore, and revive at The Wellness Refinery, slated to open in August in Old City

the wellness refinery

The Wellness Refinery is slated to open in August. Photograph courtesy The Wellness Refinery.

Self-care has been a buzz word in the wellness industry for a while now, and soon you’ll have a whole new place dedicated to it in Philly. The Wellness Refinery, slated to open in Old City this August, is hoping to make self-care a little more attainable by providing a functional sanctuary for the modern individual, using infrared saunas paired with chromotherapy — a.k.a. colored light therapy — to help you rejuvenate.

“At The Wellness Refinery we prioritize making small, yet powerful, changes to fine tune and improve your well-being,” Ashleigh Noelle, MS, CNS, founder and owner, explains. “We emphasize the importance of self-care through functional services, nutrition by design and transformational natural products to elevate your life.”


The health spa’s trademark treatment combo begins with their infrared saunas, which use heat and infrared light waves to raise your body’s core temperature for the purposes of cellular level rejuvenation and improved toxin release. Other benefits The Wellness Refinery touts include: skin purification, improved circulation, muscle recovery, immunity boost, improved mood, restful sleep, and weight loss. During your treatment you can choose to chill out to your own music, or enjoy the silence.

They’ll also offer chromotherapy, a colored light therapy that combines the unique wavelengths and oscillations of the colors of the rainbow with a light source. Exposing the body to these different vibrations is intended to have a healing effect on your body and organ systems. (Yes, this sounds kind of made up — but this article from the journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine says that while chromotherapy tends to get ignored, it’s an alternative treatment that’s been in use for centuries, just like, say, reflexology.) Before your treatment you will be able to select your desire color of healing, or you can opt to cycle all of them in one session. Pretty cool, right?

Sauna sessions can be booked for 30 minutes ($39) or 45 minutes ($59) a with packages and memberships available to save you money. They also offer a new client sauna special, so you can try out two sessions for $49.

In addition to treatments, The Wellness Refinery also has a tonic bar serving smoothies, herbal lattes, and juices as well as a marketplace, where you can purchase all of your favorite self-care essentials. Some of their featured brands include Organic Olivia, Wooden Spoon Herbs, Port + Polish, Ursa Major, Everyday Oil, and Davids Natural Toothpaste.

You can also make the experience a social experience, taking your friends or a loved one along, as the saunas are equipped for two. What better way to bond than over heat, colored lights, and awesome tunes, served with a nightcap green smoothie?

The Wellness Refinery’s soft opening is August 7th, but you can start booking your sessions online now.

The Wellness Refinery is located at 216 Church Street.