4 Workouts You’ll Only Find at Be Well Philly Boot Camp

We're bringing you exclusive fitness classes you can't take anywhere else, taught by some of the best instructors in the region.

exclusive workouts boot camp

A shadow boxing and bodyweight class taught by EverybodyFights head trainer Reid Eichelberger is one of the exclusive workouts you can find at Be Well Philly Boot Camp / Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

We’ve reached that awkward point in May when the weather can’t decide if it wants to stick with spring’s temperate chill or upgrade to summer’s balmy vibes — and everyone is antsy AF for it to be the latter. But the harbingers of summer are coming soon: Memorial Day Weekend is just a week away, and Be Well Philly Boot Camp, our huge fitness and wellness event, will usher in the month of June.

We know you’re already psyched for both summer and Boot Camp (June 1st at Drexel Recreation Center; get your tickets here), but we figured we’d give you another reason to get amped: exclusive workouts. Although we pride ourselves on finding the best fitness classes in the city, we’re also increasingly trying to bring you experiences you can’t find anywhere else. And that extends to Boot Camp, where there will be several unique sessions you won’t find at any Philly gym.

Barre Sampler: 11 a.m. in studio one

Allongée Technique, in Old City, has all different kinds of classes on their schedule: Sculpt ones, which focus on strength training; those categorized as Sweat, with a cardio focus; and S+S, the hybrids that incorporate a little bit of both. But none of those is quite the same as the Barre Sampler class, which founder Jillian Dreusike has designed to give Boot Camp participants a comprehensive taste of the barre studio. Expect a mat warm-up, barre work, and our favorite, dance-inspired cardio.

FIGHTxBODY: 10 a.m. in studio two

EverybodyFights, too, runs the gamut when it comes to offerings. The boxing gym’s sessions range from circuit training to rounds on the heavy bags to treadmill classes. Our Boot Camp class, FIGHTxBODY, taught by head trainer Reid Eichelberger, deviates from a specific format to give you bodyweight exercises and shadow boxing movements. So, even though you’re not hitting a bag, you can get a taste of the gym’s signature style.

Stroke, Swim & Strength: Noon in the pool

Ali Cook Jackson runs Manayunk’s Never Give Up Training, which offers everything from personal training and group classes to heart rate testing and nutrition counseling. But she’s also a certified Ironman coach, and she’s bringing that expertise to Boot Camp with Stroke, Swim and Strength, one of our pool classes. You’ll be doing in-water drills and strength training, complete with stroke analysis by Cook Jackson that’ll have you zipping through the pool in no time.

Maximize Your Treadmill Workouts: 11 a.m. on the track

Treadmill workouts have infiltrated all different kinds of gyms in Philly (maybe because running outside in Philly, with all the construction, isn’t always the most pleasant). Amandah Povilitus — a former Nike+ running ambassador, a former Incline Running treadmill instructor, and a current ROADxStrength teacher at EverybodyFights — is here to teach you how to do them better. You won’t be taking a turn on the treadmill in this class but rather learning how to boost your running ability through bodyweight exercises that work underutilized muscles and improve speed, balance, and endurance.

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