This Philly Company Will Deliver Your Overnight Oats to You

Two local women make adorable jars of the trendy breakfast food and drop them off on doorsteps every Sunday.

overnight oats

Jennifer Moulton and Maia Grauer have partnered to create Filli, a company that delivers overnight oats to Philly households on a weekly basis. / Photograph courtesy Filli

We’ve all had those mornings where we hit snooze so many times that breakfast becomes a no-go. But many of us make skipping the most important meal a habit: A 2015 study surveying 10,000 Americans showed that more than half of the nation doesn’t eat breakfast every day. It makes sense — forgetting to eat is an unfortunate side effect of our #2019 overscheduled lives — but it doesn’t do your body any favors.

A new local company, though, thinks we don’t have to choose between a healthy diet and a busy lifestyle. In early January, Jennifer Moulton and Maia Grauer launched Filli (CUTE!), a startup that makes and delivers overnight oats to select Philly zip codes on a weekly basis. “Like most other young women, we enjoy eating good food, but we’re also trying to stay healthy,” Moulton says. “On top of that, we’re always jetting out the door to get to work on time and don’t want to have that really heavy egg sandwich every morning. This felt like the opportunity to create something delicious and well-balanced but convenient and on-the-go.”

overnight oats

Each of Filli’s six-ounce jars contains one serving overnight oats. / Photograph courtesy Filli

The entrepreneurial pair started out making the oats for themselves and their friends and families, experimenting with ingredients to get the consistency and flavor (and eventually shelf stability) down. Over time, they tested more than 100 different recipes. The ones they settled on were the OG — rolled oats mixed with whole flax seeds and organic chia seeds, drizzled with honey, and soaked for about 12 hours in oat milk — and PB Cacao — rolled oats again combined with chia seeds as well as ground roasted peanuts, cacao powder, honey, and vanilla extract and soaked in almond milk. (Are you hungry yet ‘cuz we are.) That means both flavors are soy- and dairy-free for all you folks with allergies and sensitivities.

Moulton and Grauer make, package, and deliver the batches fresh on Sundays each week. You must order by the previous Wednesday to get your four-pack ($19.96) of six-ounce jars on time. They’re then good for five days; check the “best-by” sticker on the bottom if you’re unsure whether you can still eat them. Typically, Filli also charges a delivery fee of $5, but they’ll waive the charge if you use the code “filliphilly” at checkout on the website.

Right now, Filli is only delivering to 14 zip codes (check our map below for approximate locations) but hopes to expand to more — and maybe even other cities — in the future. If you’d rather try before you buy, Filli’s hosting a free tasting at the Rally coffee shop on Sunday, February 10th, from 9 a.m. to noon.

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