17 Philly-Area Groupon Deals Wellness Lovers Need to Know About

Save money, still get great workouts.

groupon fitness deals

CKO offers one of the Groupon fitness deals in Philly that you need to know. Photograph by Shaun Luberski.

If you have never experienced the glory that is Groupon, you have yet to truly live. The deals are pretty unbeatable, and some of the trendiest places host deals there. I mean, who willingly wants to pay full price if there’s a bargain involved? Certainly not us! In case you’re still a wee bit skeptical, we gathered up 17 local deals on fitness classes (think: SWEAT Fitness, CKO Kickboxing, Hot Yoga Philadelphia and more) and food delivery services that are total steals.

Let the Groupon-ing begin!

Fitness Groupon Deals in Philadelphia

Gym Packages

The deal$20.50 for a five-class package or five gym visits; $32 for a 10-class package or 10 gym visits; $43 for a 15-class package or 15 gym visits; $32 for one month of unlimited classes or gym visits
WhereSWEAT Fitness; Multiple locations

This is a good deal if you’re looking to hit the gym or jump in on a fitness class. You must be a new client to the gym to redeem any of these deals and it will expire four months after your purchase. You can buy only one for yourself and one as a gift for your favorite gym buddy.

The deal$20.50 for a 15-day gym pass (including group fitness classes); $32 for a 30-day gym pass (including group fitness classes)
WhereFit Gym; 4415 Chestnut Street, Spruce Hill

Perfect if you’re interested in trying out a new gym, without the commitment of a yearlong contract. The offer expires 90 days after your purchase and you must activate the package by the date on the voucher. Once you activate, the offer expires 15 or 30 days thereafter. This offer is only available to new members or those who have not been active at the gym in the past year. You must make a reservation for your first visit.


The dealOne month membership of unlimited yoga for $29
WhereBikram Yoga West Philly; 4145 Chestnut Street, Spruce Hill

Bikram yoga is the perfect way to warm up in winter — you just won’t want to go back out in the cold! This deal expires 120 days after the purchase, but your amount paid never expires. This special is only available for new members and there’s a limit of one per person, but you can buy two as gifts for your yogi friends.

The deal$39 for a 10-class yoga package and $59 for a 20-class yoga package
WherePhilly Power Yoga and Thrive Pilates; 2016 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse

Get in a great workout and burn some serious calories, without stepping foot on a treadmill. Offering over 100 classes a week, Philly Power Yoga is likely to have a class at a convenient time for you. It’s worth noting that this offer is not available for members who have been active in the last six months. Additionally, the value of the deal expires 120 days after your purchase. You may purchase only one package for yourself, and two additional as gifts for your bend-iest BFFs.

The deal: $5 for three months of unlimited online yoga and $15 for one year of unlimited online yoga
WhereThe Yoga Collective

Are you the ultra-busy yogi who has difficulty finding a studio or class option to fit your life? This is the perfect option for you if that’s the case. Choose from a variety of class videos, ranging from the basics to in-depth sessions focusing on a single pose — all without leaving your living room. There’s a limit of one purchase per person, with the option to buy three additional packages as gifts.

The deal$50 for a 10-class hot yoga package; $60.50 for two months of unlimited hot yoga
WhereHot Yoga Philadelphia; 1520 Sansom Street, Rittenhouse

$60 for two months of unlimited yoga? Holy cow, right? The major stipulation is that you have to be new to the studio or have been inactive there for the past year. There’s a limit of one per person, but you can buy one as a gift for both deals, which expire 90 days after your purchase. The deal is only valid for hot yoga classes and can’t be used for the donation-based Philly Yoga Factory classes.

The dealOne month of unlimited yoga and meditation classes for $40
WhereSanctuary Yoga and Mindfulness; 1233 Locust Street, Midtown Village

Unlimited anything for $40 is nearly always a good investment. A month of unlimited yoga AND meditation classes is definitely worthwhile. If you have gone here in the last year this deal does not apply to you; but if you’re a new member it’s all yours. The limit is one per person but you can buy a second as a gift. You must activate by the expiration date on the voucher and after 90 days of activation the membership will expire.


The deal: 5-pack of Barre classes for $40.50; 10-pack of Barre classes for $72; or a 20-pack of Barre classes for $114. 
WherePure Barre; Multiple locations

A single class at Pure Barre typically goes for $23. For less than double the price of a single class, you can get five. This deal is a complete steal! Barre is a low-impact workout that focuses on transforming your body with the use of small, isometric (even) movements.  For this deal, classes are transferrable between locations; but you are not eligible if you have been an existing client in the last 12 months. Registration is required for the classes and there is a one-person-per-deal limit (unless you buy a second as a gift).

Rock Climbing

The dealIntroductory rock climbing package for one person for $25; Introductory rock climbing package for two people for $43.50; Deluxe family climbing package (two adults, two kids) for $50
WherePhiladelphia Rock Gyms; Multiple locations

These packages are perfect for getting out of your comfort zone with your workout. First-time climbers will learn the safety basics and methods in a one-hour class, followed by time to practice what you’ve learned. Each package expires 120 days after your purchase, though the amount paid never expires. While only one package per person may be purchased at a time, you may buy an additional package as a gift, and the packages may be repurchased every 30 days.


The deal$40 for six kickboxing classes, including gloves
WhereCKO Kickboxing; 1616 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse

Let us break it down for you: That’s under $7 per boutique boxing class — gloves included! This package is available to new members and those who have not been active in the past nine months. You must use your six classes within 30 days of your first class. The offer is limited to one package per person, with the option of buying two additional packages as gifts.

The dealOne month of unlimited kickboxing classes for $35 or one month of unlimited kickboxing classes for two people for $65.
Where: FightFit FightStrong; 826 North Broad Street, Francisville

Want a great full-body workout without all of the complicated moves? Kickboxing is for you! At FightFit FightStrong, they have two class options that are far from basic. Choose between their FightFit option which focuses on general kickboxing motions and cardiovascular interval training or their FightStrong option that combines kickboxing and weight training. For this deal, a reservation is required. This deal is valid for new customers only.


The deal60-minute meditation session for $20
WhereMain Line Meditation; 18 Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore

Give yourself, or someone else, the gift of an hour of peace. Main Line Meditation offers a seven-step guided meditation aimed towards relieving you of your burdens and bringing peace. You must schedule an appointment for your session, but same-day appointments are accepted. There’s a limit of two per person, with the option to buy two additional classes as gifts — all of which may be repurchased every 30 days.

The deal: Choice of five yoga or meditation classes for $40 or choice of 10 yoga or meditation classes for $66.50
WhereCircle Of Life Soul Center; 478 Lancaster Ave., Malvern

This deal makes it easy to pick what you need in the present moment. Meditation can offer great peace to an overworked mind while yoga can also help with an overworked body. You get to customize your experience without breaking the bank. At this holistic wellness center, they also offer facials, chakra healing, reiki treatments, and a slew of other services to get your mind and body on track. This deal is not valid for clients active within the last six months and is limited to one per person. You must schedule an appointment for your session, but same-day appointments are accepted.

The dealOne year meditation app membership for $58

Make meditation a habit with Headspace, an app that offers new guided meditations every day, plus themed meditations to help you work through specific issues, mini meditations for when you’re short on time, and more. To redeem this offer, you must register your credit card with Headspace. You won’t be charged for this registration, but it’s worth noting the subscription will automatically renew at the end of the one-year period unless you cancel it.


The dealOne cryotherapy session for $29.50 or one cryotherapy session for two people for $50
WhereC.R.Y.O Philadelphia; 1700 Sansom Street, Rittenhouse

Cryotherapy, that’s when you cry during therapy, right? WRONG. Cryotherapy is when you step into a chamber to expose your body to extremely low temperatures for about two to three minutes. During that time, the cold temperatures constrict blood flow to organs, which is supposed to remove toxins and inflammation and recirculate oxygenated blood. The promotional value of this deal expires 120 days after your purchase, but the amount paid never expires. There’s a limit of one deal per person, but you can buy an additional deal as a gift.

Food Groupon Deals in Philadelphia

Meal Prep and Food Delivery

The deal: Three delivered meals for two people for $29; three delivered meals for four people for $60; or four delivered meals for four people for $83. 
Where: Blue Apron

Perfect for those ready to jump into the world of grocery delivery! The meals are all well-balanced, chef-crafted and there are also vegetarian options available. Many of the meals take 20 minutes or less to fully prepare which makes eating healthy that much easier. This deal is valid for fire time Blue Apron users only and after you sign up you will be automatically opted in to receive future shipments (but you can opt out at any point).

The deal$30 for one week of classic meals for two people (6 meals total); $70 for two weeks of classic meals for two people (12 meals total); $75 for one week of family box classic meals for four people (12 total meals); $160 for two weeks of family box classic meals for four people (24 meals total)

More and more, healthy delivery services are seeming like a good idea — they’re efficient, fairly affordable and if they’re healthy, why the heck not give it a whirl? HelloFresh will deliver your ingredients weekly. To redeem this offer, there is a $1 activation fee online — so, you must register your credit card online — though they promise free shipping and no cancellation fees.

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