You Can Donate Canned Goods to Get a Discount on This Live Deejay Workout

BPM Fitness is turning their Friday night live deejay workout into a food drive.

live deejay workout

Join a live deejay workout at BPM Fitness on November 16, and a mini fitness triathlon on November 17. Photograph by Noche Studio.

ICYMI, the first Friday night of the month at BPM Fitness in Spring Garden is pretty awesome: They bring in a live deejay, discount the workout, and give you an opportunity to start the weekend the right way (as in sweating, not drinking). This Friday, they’re hosting a special live deejay workout in honor of their Member Appreciate Week — and using it as an opportunity to give back to the community.

If you’re not busy resting up for the Philadelphia Marathon this weekend, you’ve got some good options for how to spend your time — and still get in some exercise. On November 16, you can join a 6:30 p.m. workout — which will include 30 minutes of indoor cycling, 30 minutes of strength training — for just $15. However, for every can of food you bring with you to BPM’s studio, you’ll receive $1 off the class — which means this could turn from affordable into a very affordable sweat session. The food will be donated to The Bethesda Project, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit that combats homelessness in Philadelphia. You can sign up for the class here.

And if you just really want more BPM in your life this weekend, they’ve got a second fun event planned for Saturday, November 17. You can think of it as a mini fitness triathlon: You’ll start at BPM with a 30-minute circuit-based strength workout. Next, you’ll run a mile ending at Yoga Habit in Fairmount, where you’ll do 30 minutes of yoga. The class will end with a group outing to Urban Saloon for drinks. Tickets for this strength-run-flow “triathlon” are $25, and you can nab yours here.

BPM Fitness is located at 1808 Spring Garden Street.

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