You Have 3 Chances to Take a Free Barre3 Class This Month

Thanks to Lululemon's partnership, there are several opportunities to score a free Barre3 class in October.

free barre3 class

Join a free Barre3 class on three Wednesdays this month. Photograph courtesy Barre3.

Outdoor workout season has pretty much come to a close, which is a bummer because we have really been enjoying taking all the free boutique classes we can al fresco. What we’ve found, though, is that though the summer may be over, there are still plenty of ways to work out on the cheap.

And that, my friends, is made all the easier thanks to Lululemon’s community classes. The Rittenhouse store — which, by the way, is also hosting a Ghost Race on the Schuylkill River Trail this month — has partnered with Barre3 for multiple free classes this October. While a drop-in at the Barre3 Rittenhouse studio would normally run you $25 a pop, you can save yourself some dough with these sessions on October 10, 17, and 24.

While the only slight downside to these freebies is the fact that they’re all hosted at 4:30 in the afternoon, we’re choosing to see these sessions as a good excuse to leave work a couple of hours early. After all, doesn’t caring for your body and mind make you a better employee at the end of the day? (Or, at least, that’s what we tell ourselves every time we walk in late, hair still dripping wet from the fitness studio shower.)

Ready to join in on the free fitness fun? Good news: There’s no need to register. Just show up at Barre3’s Rittenhouse studio at 1500 Sansom Street, ready to work out each muscle group to exhaustion. Just make sure to bring water (barre socks, however, are not required at this studio). Find more details on the classes here.

Enjoy that free fitness, guys!

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