Where to Stop for Food Near the Schuylkill River Trail in Philadelphia

Refuel from your rides and runs with these delicious and nutritious spots located just off of the Schuylkill River Trail.

food near schuylkill river trail

Keep trucking on the trail here to exit at the South Street Bridge to score some food near Schuylkill River Trail. (Photograph by Caroline Cunningham)

It’s no secret that the Schuylkill River Trail is Philadelphia’s most popular multi-use trail. In fact, it even was dubbed the best urban trail in the nation in 2015. So, since we’re all schlepping up and down the SRT pretty much allll the time, we saw it fitting to round up some places to eat just off of the trail, end to end in the Philadelphia section, for fuel along the way.

Because hanger interrupting your fitness or mileage goals is a real buzz kill, keep this list handy for suggestions on where to find the best healthy food near Schuylkill River Trail. Organized by different trail landmarks in the Philadelphia area, read on for the 4-1-1 on where to score some healthy and filling meals to fuel your Schuylkill River Trail workout.

If you’re near the South Street Bridge …

Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat
Where: 2101 South Street, Graduate Hospital
What: A bagel with lox or tofu scramble from this cash-only joint is fabulous fuel for a ride on the SRT from end to end.

Ants Pants
Where: 2112 South Street, Graduate Hospital
What: This Australian transplant fast-casual spot serves a reasonably priced brunch and lunch menu full of healthy options like the Vegetarian Sweet Potato Hash or the oatmeal, but we could also see their egg sandwiches being great fuel for a run. It’s worth noting that Ants Pants is cash only.

If you’re near the Art Museum …

La Calaca Feliz
Where: 2321 Fairmount Avenue, Fairmount
What: This is, perhaps, a better option for after your run or ride so you can go in on the guacamole to your heart’s desire. For a lighter option, go for the cauliflower tacos or Mahi Mahi tacos at dinnertime.

Whole Foods
Where: 2101 Pennsylvania Avenue, Center City
What: With options like Goldie, Dizengoff, Royal Izakaya, AND a hot bar and salad bar — Whole Foods might just be the best spot for a healthy bite during or after a jaunt on the Schuylkill River Trail.

Hickory Lane American Bistro 
Where: 2025 Fairmount Avenue, Fairmount
What: A vegan-friendly veggie burger catches our eye, as does the beet and goat cheese salad — both available during brunch and dinner service! 

If you’re near the Falls Bridge …

In Riva
Where: 4116 Ridge Avenue, East Falls
What: Nestled right across the street from the trail, In Riva is best known for their pizzas, but they also offer four veggie-packed salad options, including the Broccolini Caesar, which features pistachio, pecorino, and prosciutto.

Trolley Car Cafe
Where: 3269 South Ferry Road, East Falls
What: With a lovely outdoor patio boasting a few of the trail you just hopped off of, Trolley Car Cafe is a trustworthy spot for lighter bites like smoothies and salads as well as interesting takes on sandwiches like the Salmon Cheesesteak.

Le Bus East Falls
Where: 4201 Ridge Avenue, East Falls
What: Ample veggie-friendly options are scattered throughout this clearly labeled menu. For a healthy brunch bite, a vegetable frittata or zucchini fritters are both prime options, and as for lunch and dinner, there are salads galore and cauliflower wings.

If you’re passing through Manayunk …

The Couch Tomato Cafe
Where: 102 Rector Street, Manayunk
What: Serving primarily organic, local and antibiotic-free produce and meats, this is a prime healthy option for delicious salads, sandwiches, and artisanal pizzas — many of which are vegan- or gluten-free-friendly. If your run or ride is over, head upstairs to their bistro — where they serve alcohol — and a slightly different menu.

Where: 4266 Main Street, Manayunk
What: This is a spot that’s used to feeding local runners and cyclists. Their brunch menu boasts berry oatmeal with a cinnamon agave and you can even build your own omelet. Plenty of seafood and salad options make for a healthy lunch or dinner option as well.

The Juice Merchant
Where: 4330 Main Street, Manayunk
What: Sure, they’ve got juices and smoothies galore, but their menu also features avocado toasts, salads, and sandwiches — including a vegan Cubano.

If you’re passing through the Wissahickon …

Trolley Car Diner
Where: 7619 Germantown Avenue, Mt. Airy
What: Not to be mistaken with the Trolley Car Cafe, this eatery features lots of diner classics, but you can still find healthy staples, like spinach salads and veggie omelettes.

Valley Green Inn
Where: Valley Green Road at Wissahickon Valley Park
What: Providing beautiful scenery for your dining experience, this historical Wissahickon spot serves some fairly healthy brunch options — like oatmeal and eggs — as well as lighter lunch and dinner options like seafood, salad, and a veggie burger.

The Cedars House 
Where: 200 West Northwestern Avenue, Chestnut Hill
What: Great for smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, pastries and, of course, coffee — The Cedars House is a solid quick stop for some fuel for your ride back to the city.

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