Taste Test HipCityVeg’s New Vegan Catering Menu at This Franklin & Whitman Yoga Event

At the next Franklin & Whitman yoga event, you'll do a flow, mix up a face steam, and nosh on HipCityVeg.

franklin & whitman yoga

This Franklin & Whitman yoga event will feature tasty plant-based bites from HipCityVeg. Photograph courtesy Franklin & Whitman.

You know what’s a good way to have a killer Sunday? Starting it with a Franklin & Whitman yoga event — especially because you’ll 1) get in your workout 2) get fed delicious food and 3) play with rescue dogs, all before noon. Go ahead, think of a better weekend game plan. We’ll wait.

Philly skincare brand Franklin & Whitman is bringing their next Yoga for the Pups installment to Bok’s gymnasium space on Sunday, October 14. This time, your morning flow will be co-taught by not one but two insta-yogi queens, Georgina Berbari (@thelittleflowerpetal) and Remy Park (@veggiekins).

After, you’ll fuel up with food from HipCityVeg’s brand-spanking-new catering menu. Like their restaurant, this catering menu will be fully plant-based and vegan, with some fan favorites made into party-friendly bites. Honest Tea will also be on hand with beverages, because, you know #hydration. Oh, and did we mention that P.S. Snacks will host a healthy cookie dough bar too? Yeah, we’re not kidding.

After you chow down, you’ll have the chance to meet some real, live rescue doggos from the Pennsylvania SPCA, the event beneficiary. Because, oh yeah, this whole party is actually all about raising money for dogs in need — and all proceeds will go to the SPCA. The best part? The dogs at the event will be looking for homes, too, and you can start the adoption process with an SPCA rep right then and there.

Finally, before you head out the door with your killer swag bag (trust us, the swag bags at these things are always killer), you’ll have the chance to mix up your own custom face steam at Franklin & Whitman’s Botanical Steam Blend bar.

Sound fun? Snag a $45 ticket here ASAP — these puppies sell out fast!

Yoga for the Pups is scheduled for October 14 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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