7 Fun Fusion Classes for People Who Get Bored in Spin Class

Constantly checking your watch during 60 minutes of straight spin? These Philly-area fusion classes will mix up the second half of the workout with everything from barre to boxing.

Cycling at BPM Fitness. Photograph by Noche Studio.

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There are some days where all we want is some hard, sweaty, heart-pounding cardio to a killer playlist. But we also know that doing nothing but cardio doesn’t make for a well-rounded fitness regimen.

That’s why we’re pretty thrilled that a bunch of local studios have started offering “fusion” spin classes — workouts that start with around 30 minutes of cycling, then switch to a totally different style of exercising for the second half of the hour. Not only do these combo classes keep things interesting, they also make it possible to get both your cardio and your resistance training done in just an hour.

Ready to try it? Read on for some of the best ways Philly studios are combining spin classes with strength training.

Spin and Circuits at BPM Fitness

Where: 1808 Spring Garden Street, Fairmount
Fusion classes available: The Circuit Breaker, The Full Body Burn, The Roots
This Spring Garden studio specializes in hybrid classes, which kick off with 30 minutes of hard indoor cycling. After, the class moves to the strength training room, where you’ll do 30 minutes of resistance work (think: lifting sandbags over your head, doing dumbbell deadlifts, doing hip thrusters with your feet in TRX straps). The Circuit Breaker is done in a (you guessed it) circuit, the Full Body Burn divides the class into two for some friendly time-based competitions, and The Roots focuses on the fundamentals of TRX conditioning.

Spin and Boxing at Fuel Cycle Fitness

Where: 53 Rittenhouse Place, Ardmore
Fusion classes available: Pedal + Punch, Pedal + Pump, Pedal + Pose, Pedal + Pulse, Cycle + Circuit, Cycle + Core, Cycle + Arms
You’ll find pretty much every kind of cycling-plus-other-workout combo class you could possibly imagine at this Ardmore studio. This is great for two reasons: One, you’ll get a really well-rounded workout schedule, as you can combine the cardio of cycling with everything from barre to yoga to ab work. Two, you’ll never, ever get bored. If you’re not sure where to start on this very full menu of workout options, we suggest starting with Pedal + Punch, which combines 30 minutes of cycling with 30 minutes of boxing.

Spin and Barre at The Wall Fitness

Where: 107 Cotton Street, Manayunk
Fusion classes available: Spin & Sculpt, Spin/Barre Fusion
You can expect to feel the burn in The Wall’s cardio and toning fusion classes. In the 45-minute Spin & Sculpt class, you’ll start with an interval ride on the bike, then halfway through, hop off the bike for strength and ab work using free weights and TRX straps. In the 50-minute Spin/Barre Fusion, you’ll start on the bike, then head upstairs for a tough, pulsing barre workout.

Spin and Boot Camp at Focus Fitness

Where: 1111 East Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr
Fusion classes available: Spin Strength, Spin Arms & Abs
At this Bryn Mawr studio, you’ll find a spin room, hot yoga studios, and a strength training gym next door. So while you can make your own fusion class with a spin class followed by hot yoga, you can also take one of the two workouts offered on the schedule Spin Strength follows 30 minutes of indoor cycling with boot-camp-style training in the gym. Spin Arms & Abs — a new class on the schedule — will include some arms and abs toning at the end, using light weights and isometric holds in a warm studio.

Spin and TRX at REVive

Where: 225 Lancaster Avenue, Frazer
Fusion classes available: Spin/TRX Fusion, Spin/Box Fusion
Balance out all the cardio with a half-cycling, half-TRX class. For the TRX portion, you can expect to use your own bodyweight against the TRX straps for moves like lunges and squats, with little burst of cardio in between the resistance work. Alternatively, keep the cardio going with a fast-paced boxing workout that’ll leave you breathless while putting your arms, core, and lower body to the test.

Spin and Abs at Ride: Spin Barre and TRX

Where: 225 2nd Street Pike, Southampton
Fusion classes available: Ride/Barre Fusion, Ride/TRX Fusion, Ride & Abs
There are three styles of fusion classes available at this studio, where you can pair your cycling with 30 minutes of barre, 30 minutes of TRX, or 15 minutes of abs. All three classes provide some low-impact strength and toning work to complement the intensity of the spin classes, which makes these classes great for all fitness levels.

Spin and TRX at Torque

Where: 328 N. Lewis Road, Royersford
Fusion classes available: Fusion Spin/Barre, Fusion Barre/TRX
No matter which fusion class you choose at Torque, you should be prepared for those small, pulsing, toning movements that burn so good. The Spin/TRX class pairs 30 minutes of cycling with bodyweight strength exercises using the straps, while Spin/Barre follows 30 minutes of cycling with barre movements focused on building those long, lean, strong muscles.

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