A Fitness Instructor’s Favorite Things to Do (and Eat) Around Ardmore

Dan Kubo, a Life Time Athletic trainer, gives us the scoop on  all things healthy in Ardmore, where he lives and works.

Life Time Athletic in Ardmore. Photograph courtesy Life Time Athletic.

Philly has an insanely wonderful fitness scene, but the truth is, many of us tend to stick to our own neighborhoods — we’ve all got our favorite corner coffee shops, yoga studios, running trails, and more. That’s why we’re asking local fitness pros to give us a tour of their neighborhoods — and to spill all their secrets on the hidden gems they can’t quit.

Photo courtesy of Dan Kubo

This week, we’re taking it to the ‘burbs, friends. One of Life Time Athletic‘s top trainers at their newest Ardmore location, Dan Kubo, has agreed to give us the dish on his favorite places in Ardmore for healthy eats, outdoor fun, and even a little insider scoop on his go-to classes at Life Time. Read on for Kubo’s suggestions for a healthy life in Ardmore, outlining everything from his favorite takeout to where he takes his dog for a nature-filled walk.

My Favorite Healthy Restaurants in Ardmore

Healthy breakfast spot: “I’m a fan of Nudy’s Cafe for breakfast and brunch. They have great food and service, with a variety of options to make your traditional breakfast dishes a tad healthier. I’m an eggs Benedict guy myself, so that is my usual go-to.”

Healthy lunch spot: “Sweetgreen jumps to mind for sure. You can’t really go wrong there, as they have plenty of healthy options to choose from. My favorite is usually the Harvest Bowl, or I will create my own. Additionally, Maido Japanese Market has great food and probably the best udon I have EVER had. Lastly, PokeOno is a fantastic little spot right on Lancaster Avenue serving healthy deconstructed sushi.”

Healthy date night spot: “Our favorites in Ardmore are the following: Mt. Fuji Sushi, tons of great options there, but our faves are the Out of Control Roll or the dragon roll. Restaurant Marokko on Lancaster serves traditional Moroccan food that is not only healthy, but is delicious and a great experience. I usually go for the Tajine Casablanca, which is a great source of protein as well as healthy fats (almonds) as well as a good balance of carbohydrates in the form of various veggies and prunes, so the dish is not only tasty but offers a really well-balanced option.”

Healthy takeout: “All of the places above do take out, but if I were to say which place is best and easiest to take out it will probably be PokeOno. My two favorites at PokeOno are the citrus salmon and the spicy tuna bowl. Both have a great source of protein and have a great combination of flavors. I usually add mango and avocado to these guys to add healthy fats as well as a touch of sweetness. It’s the perfect fuel to hang out with a few good friends while watching a movie at home or playing board games.”

Grocery store for healthy foods: “Trader Joe’s and the Farmers’ Market in Ardmore are fantastic and super convenient for the community. Trader Joe’s nut section is incredible! The cinnamon almonds are super addictive, so portion control needs to be dialed in. Also, wasabi peas are pretty wonderful if you like that type of flavor.”

My Favorite Healthy Things to Do in Ardmore

Workout class: “My favorites are either TEAM Alpha, which focuses on Olympic weight lifting and conditioning, Surrender which is one of our Yoga formats which is similar to Yin yoga, or Strike! with Andrea who is absolutely amazing at teaching this cardio kickboxing class.”

Meditation: “Surrender class followed by BE meditation class is very relaxing or, I meditate on my own in the sauna. The trick for his is to be sure you that you bring water with you, so you can stay hydrated and also pour cold water while you are in there to help cool down if it gets too intense. If you’re hesitant, try starting with five to ten minutes and build up your tolerance over time. My favorite is to do three rounds of ten to fifteen minutes at a time followed by a quick ice cold shower for 30 seconds. It’s great for reducing soreness.”

Running route: “Haverford College has a great trail and park where we will often go for a walk or jog with our dog Bagirah. This spot is great not only because it is pretty but also offers a nice loop to run, jog  or walk that’s not too long or challenging.”

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