This Pop-Up Boxing HIIT Class in Fairmount Looks SO Fun

BPM Fitness is teaming up with Greg Coachman for a boxing-filled sweat session.

Photograph courtesy BPM Fitness.

Living in Philadelphia — home to Rocky and the Boxers’ Trail — I’m almost embarrassed to admit that boxing isn’t one of my most frequent forms of exercise.

That said, boxing can feel a little intimidating to get into for first-timers. You might wonder about what kind of gloves you need, what kinds of athletic abilities you need ahead of time, and — most importantly — am I gonna get punched in the face?

That’s why we’re excited that the Sporting Club at the Bellevue’s boxing director, Greg Coachman, is teaming up with BPM Fitness’s Shoshana Katz for a totally accessible, all-levels boxing HIIT circuit class.

The class will be modeled off of BPM’s Circuit Breaker class, which involves dividing the participants into small groups to complete different timed exercises at stations around the room. At this special version of it, Coachman and Katz will lead the class through a circuit that’s boxing-based, with elements of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that’ll ensure your heart rate is up and your tank top is soaked through by the end.

The best part? There’s no boxing experience necessary, as Coachman will guide each participant through the basic punches they need to know to make it through the workout.

The class is scheduled for Saturday, June 30, at 9:30 a.m. at BPM Fitness, 1808 Spring Garden Street. The $30 tickets to this special event include the hand wraps you’ll need for the boxing portion of the class, and they can be purchased here.

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