This Human Aura Photography Crew Wants to Tell You What Color Your Aura Is

Aura Aura is headed to Philadelphia on July 21 and 22.

Photograph courtesy Aura Aura.

Let me start by saying, yup, human aura photography is a thing. Enough of a thing that Goop has a whole guide to aura photography, and the New York Times labeled it the “selfies for the new-age set.”

It’s also enough of a thing that Detroit-based photography company, Aura Aura, specializes in this style of portraiture, which involves using an analog camera and instant film to capture the electromagnetic field around a person. The results? Cool, moody portraits that depict the subject surrounded by a colorful cloud — a.k.a. their “aura.”

Along with having your photo taken, Aura Aura provides interpretations of what the different colors surrounding you mean. Red is related to fearlessness, tan to practicality, and so on. Of course, the actual science behind this photo trend is questionable — but there’s no doubt that it makes for some pretty cool, Instagram-worthy pics.

Photograph courtesy Aura Aura.

Ever wondered what your aura looks like? On July 21 and 22, Aura Aura will be popping up at Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia for a series of portrait sessions. We hear that the sessions — which are $40 each — tend to go fast, so if you’re reading this near the time when the tickets are going live (10 a.m. on Monday, June 25) — we recommend you jump on it, stat. You can get your ticket here.

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