This Silent Boot Camp Is Unlike Anything You’ve Done — And You Can Try It This Weekend

Fit Academy is popping up at Be Well Philly Boot Camp in the Verizon Silent Studio.

Photo via Fit Academy on Facebook

Be Well Philly Boot Camp is this weekend, people. That means we’re going to be spending our Saturday working out with the best trainers in town, chowing down on delicious healthy grub, and filling our heads with smart health strategies from the pros.

We’re also going to be trying out a Silent Boot Camp with Fit Academy. Unlike a normal class where the instructor is shouting over the beat of the music coming through the speakers, everyone receives a pair of Bluetooth headphones to wear in this workout.

Through the headphones, you’ll hear both the mood-boosting jams and the instructor’s voice. Honestly, it’s a genius concept — not only do you get to rock out to great tunes in the middle of crowd, but you also have the instructor speaking right into your ear, so you never have to wonder what they’re saying.

This Fit Academy concept is going to be popping up at the Verizon Silent Studio in the Healthy Marketplace at BWP Boot Camp on June 2. And the best part? They’ll be running continuous pop-up classes throughout the day, which means you can swing by and jump into the next class whenever. Convenient, right?

If you fall in love with the Silent Boot Camp this weekend, we’ve got good news: Fit Academy is known for hosting these workout parties in all kinds of cool venues around town, from Brewerytown rooftops to the Navy Yard. Come try it out this weekend at BWP Boot Camp, then keep an eye on Fit Academy’s schedule for the next one.

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