A Millennial Pink Kettlebell and Stylish Sweatpants: What a Philly Fitness Trainer Can’t Live Without

What you need to live like Katie Gould, of KG Strong.

Photo courtesy of Katie Gould.

Katie Gould, owner and founder of KG Strong, is an all-around all-star trainer, combining strength training, yoga, and kettlebells as her menu of expertise. Needless to say, this Bok Building tenant is the queen of toning — just check out her resistance band workouts!

From her group fitness classes to personal training and teaching yoga, Gould is often bouncing around from one activity to another, which requires her to have an arsenal of trustworthy products to help make it all happen. Fortunately for us, she was willing to share just what some of those products are for this week’s must-have products feature. Find them below, plus where you can score your very own. Because TGIF, amiright?

Jaybird Run Headphones

“Jaybird headphones are the best bluetooth headphones I’ve ever used. They stay in my ears even when I’m doing hard impact exercise. The sound quality is awesome, and they hold a really long charge.” $179 from Jaybird Sport.

Lululemon Sweatpants

“I got these Lululemon twisted and tucked pants for Christmas and they are the best sweatpants I’ve ever owned. They are the perfect work pants for the winter because they are cute, cozy, and warm! I love the cuffed ankle because I can wear them under my boots. And right now, they happen to be on super sale!” $69 from Lululemon.

Instant Pot

“The instant pot is a game changer in our house. We make chili, soups, corned beef — you name it, we can make it. The best part is you can throw your ingredients into the pot in the morning and slow cook until you get home. If you’d rather start your cooking when you get home, but still want to make something hearty, you can pressure cook even the thickest cuts of meat in under 40 minutes.” Starting at $99.95 from Instant Pot

Perform Better Kettlebells

“Before I had a fitness studio across the street from my house, I always kept a few kettlebells in my living room. On those snowy winter days that I just couldn’t bear to go outside, I would work out with my bells at home. The Kettlebell is a great tool for in-home workouts because you don’t need a lot of space and you can do so much with it. If you want to get a serious sweat on, do 100 swings, five-by-five front squats, five-by-five plus five single arm presses, and three-by-five renegade rows. The best cast iron bells are made by Perform Better and Rogue.” Starting at $54.95 from Perform Better.

Salomon Winter Boots

“I couldn’t survive this winter without my Salomon winter boots. They are warm, soft, and waterproof. They are easy to get on and off with their side zippers and shoe laces.  They are comfortable enough to walk long distance in the snow and they have serious grip, protecting against these icy sidewalks.” Currently $132.73 from REI Garage.

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