These Are a Philly Skin Care Pro’s Must-Have Products

And where to buy them.

Chances are, you’ve heard of About Face Skin Care, either from their Best of Philly award in 2016 for their hand rejuvenation services, or their life-saving summer skin care tips with us or maybe even their advice for dealing with sunburn. The mother-daughter duo, Becky and Naomi Fenlin, who run the show over at About Face, are our some of our most reliable and oh-so informative skin care gurus.

We asked Becky Fenlin (the daughter portion of the mother-daughter duo) to share the products that she absolutely can’t live without — because we all wonder what the pros use, right? Becky shared five products that make her days possible — check ’em out below plus, where you can score your own.

Olaplex No. 3

“I never claim to understand the exact science behind it, but enough industry experts (and the Kardashians!) vouch for the hair-strengthening and repairing abilities of Olaplex. I’m happy — nay, excited — to oblige the recommendation. For my personal use, I douse dampened hair with the product, tie it up in a bun, and let it soak in for a few hours before I shower. Pretreating my hair with Olaplex lets me feel WAY less guilty about any heat damage I’m about to inflict upon it with styling. My hair is shinier, softer, and thicker at the ends — a huge deal for someone with thin hair like me! — because of it. Olaplex Number Three works so well that I actually stock-up on bottles of it at the industry shows I go to, and then dole them out as gifts to my favorite people throughout the year.” $28, on Olaplex.

Beachwaver Curling Iron

“Press a button, and watch this curling iron deliver perfect Victoria Secret-esque curls, every. Single. Time. This curling iron is an idiot-proof way to always, easily, quickly have good hair-days.” Beachwaver S1.25 by Sarah Potempa, $129 on Amazon.

Blue Apron

“By dinner time, I’m tired and my brain doesn’t want to make any more decisions. Blue Apron delivers everything I need to make healthy, varied meals, without having to plan ahead. (My husband and I are so spoiled by this service that on the nights we don’t have a Blue Apron meal waiting for us, it’s a scramble to figure out what to eat for dinner. Bonus: thanks to using Blue Apron for years, my kitchen skills have improved considerably.” Blue Apron, starting at $9.99 per serving (for two people).

Prada Baroque Sunglasses

“Kooky, but not crazy. These hardy sunglasses add a little personality to everything. The frames are large so in addition to elevating your outfit and cutting the sun’s glare, they also provide extra sun-protection to the delicate skin surrounding your eyes.” $310, from Bloomingdale’s.

Density Weighted Blanket

“After waiting four months for this Kickstarter item to arrive, it was somehow able to surpass all of my expectations. This plush 20-pound blanket makes me feel safe and cozy, and even though I was skeptical that a blanket could have such magical powers. I have never slept better.” Starting at $289, on Density Blankets.

The Transport Tote from Madewell

“The Transport leather tote from Madewell has been my go-to handbag (and life-saver). Roomy enough to fit everything I need (snacks, sneakers, magazines, sunscreen, sweaters, water-bottles, etc.), it’s classic shape and rich leather are timeless enough to go with every outfit throughout all seasons. It’s the kind of bag that gets better with age, I love the character that comes with leather over the years, and the shoulder straps are soft against the skin and sturdy enough to support my ever-growing bag contents. I used to always hem and haw over which bag to carry for each day’s endeavor, until I found this. Especially considering the price-point, I have never made a better handbag investment.” $168, from Madewell.

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