People Are Crazy-Obsessed With This $25 Yogurt, and Now You Can Buy It in Philly

It's about time.

Photos courtesy of Snap Kitchen.

I think we can all agree that gut health and probiotics are having a serious moment. Last spring, it was announced by Well and Good  that this crazy expensive (like, $25 for a 16-ounce jar expensive) probiotic-rich vegan yogurt, The Coconut Cult, had hit the market. Needless to say, it got quite the reaction out of folks. WTF is it so expensive? being the main one.

Despite the initial reaction, this coconut yogurt packs health perks in a seriously millennial-friendly jar. I mean, there’s a pink flamingo on the jar, for heaven’s sake. And if you’ve been on Instagram anytime since then, chances are that at least one of your California-based Instagram wellness gurus (lookin’ at you @leefromamerica and @shutthekaleup) talked up the stuff.

As with many trendy wellness items, The Coconut Cult hasn’t been available to purchase locally in Philadelphia at all. Like, not even at Whole Foods (how is that even possible?). But that’s all changing thanks to Snap Kitchen, which stocked the shelves of their Rittenhouse location with this LA-based yogurt at the start of 2018. The best part? You can also get it delivered right to your doorstep.

To order it, you’ll just head to Snap’s online menu, where you’ll find the yogurts filed under breakfast. Snap is currently selling the original and mango cream Coconut Cult flavors in two sizes, eight ounces for $14.99 and 16 ounces for $24.99. But do note: the stuff has been selling out fast. Today, Snap’s stock of the mango cream was sold out before 1 p.m.

So, aside from it’s Instagram-readiness, what’s the deal with the yogurt? According to the Coconut Cult website, there are 800 billion highly active probiotics in every quart (that’s 25 billion per serving) and because of that, the yogurt is likely to explode a little when you open the jar, NDB. That said, Coconut Cult suggests starting off with just a few spoonfuls at first until you build a tolerance because this stuff will, um, send you running to the toilet if you’re not careful.

The company also suggests replacing your daily probiotic supplement with their yogurt, which, sounds pretty great, as we’d always rather eat something than pop a supplement. It’s also worth noting that once you open your jar of coconut probiotic-goodness, it has a three-week shelf life.

As for The Coconut Cult’s landing in Philly, we were able to chat with Snap Kitchen’s Brand Manager, Shaady Ghadessy, to get the scoop (ya see what I did there?).

“We loved the idea of probiotics through food instead of through a supplement or pill, and with Coconut Cult having live active cultures in a non-dairy yogurt that’s a true win for us in shows how delicious functional foods can be,” says Ghadessy.

So, tell us: Will you shell out $25 bucks for this gut health-friendly vegan yogurt? Or are you too worried you’ll get hooked and never be able to afford a house? Comment on Facebook, and let us know what you think!

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