8 Out-of-the-Box Philly Fitness Classes to Combat Workout Boredom

Floating fitness, trampoline workouts and more interesting ways to get your sweat on. 

If you’re anything like me, you have a fitness routine and you stick to it to feel like your life is at least somewhat in order. But doing the same old workouts week after week can leave both our bodies and minds in a fitness rut. Luckily, Philly has a slew of fitness studios that offer out-of-the-box fitness classes (think: trampoline workouts, indoor SUP workouts and more). So go ahead, switch things up!

Floating Fitness at Aqua Vida
Daskalakis Athletic Center, Drexel University and Pottruck Health and Fitness Center, University of Pennsylvania

Starting in November, Aqua Vida will begin their winter season in their indoor pool locations. They offer floating yoga, HIIT, sculpting classes and more — all done on stand-up paddleboards! — to fill any kind of workout need. Cost: $38 (based on summer prices).

Circus Arts at Kaya Aerial Yoga
225 Quarry Street, Old City

If you’ve ever been in awe of the Cirque de Soleil dancers, this is the workout for you. This class gives you a chance to try the aerial lyra, which is the hoop that acrobats use, and learn new flips, inversions and tricks. This workout will fire up your core and upper body thanks to all that propelling and balancing you’ll be doing. Cost: $20 per class.

Group Treadmill Class at Incline Running
519 West Lancaster Avenue, Haverford

This workout will change the way you think about the cardio machine we all love to hate. The studio resembles a nightclub (lights and heart-pounding beats included), but with treadmills instead of a dance floor. Cost: $28 per class.

Rebounder Workout at Freehouse Fitness
1430 South Street, Graduate Hospital

Get ready for a wave of childhood nostalgia – Freehouse offers cardio classes on mini trampolines. This low-impact, high-intensity workout will tone your muscles and leave you huffing and puffing, all without sacrificing fun. Cost: $18 per class.

Rock Climbing at Go Vertical
950 North Penn Street, Northern Liberties

Go Vertical offers over 250 routes across 13,500 square feet of climbing surfaces. You can get a serious workout in by doing “laps” — that’s choosing a route that is easy enough to repeat over and over again with increasing speed and precision. Cost: $19 (during peak times), $16 (off-peak times).

Pound at Philly Dance Fitness
Multiple locations

This workout is like playing rock band, but better. You’ll be handed a pair of weighted drumsticks upon entering for a jam-session-meets-cardio workout. During your drum solo, expect a challenging mix of plyos, and isometrics. Cost: $12.

Parkour Workout at Pinnacle Parkour Academy
3500 Scotts Lane, East Falls

Like the planking trend of 2012, Parkour had its heyday a few years back. But Pinnacle has shown that the free-running movement is more than just a fad. Seasoned pros can run, jump and climb over obstacles in the gym, while beginners and the less coordinated can take an introductory class first. Cost: $25 for day pass, $20 for student day pass.

Freestyle Jump at Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Multiple locations

Sky Zone boasts a wall-to-wall trampoline park, which makes even walking a workout. The resistance in large trampolines is different from the minis we mentioned before, which makes it an entirely different fitness experience. Instead of going out for drinks, grab a few friends and jump around for an hour for a low-impact, fun, create-your-own workout. Cost: $17 for one hour.

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