The Checkup: 3 Pitfalls Preventing You From Reaching Your Fitness Goals

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• While creating fitness goals is a great idea, choosing unattainable fitness goals — like hitting a way lower number on the scale than you’re currently at or tackling an extreme fitness event (hi, marathon) before you’re ready — can totally squash your efforts. Here, three common goal-setting pitfalls that can prevent you from actually achieving your goals, and how to avoid them. [Greatist]

• Here’s a surprise: Daydreaming, according to science, is actually a sign of intelligence and creativity — not absentmindedness, like we’ve been told our whole lives. [Futurity]

• This is a new one: A man in London is blaming his testosterone and protein supplements for causing him to touch a woman’s butt at the gym. [Women’s Health]

• If you’ve been losing more hair in the shower lately, don’t immediately freak out — research found that Google searches about hair loss increase in summer and fall, suggesting humans might have a shedding season. [LiveScience]

• Time to rethink how you wash your apples, since they’re often covered in pesticides. [TIME]

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