The Checkup: How to Navigate the Always-Growing Yogurt Aisle

Dive into these buzzy health-related reads over your morning cup of joe.

• Back in the day, choosing a yogurt was simple — Dannon or Yoplait? Then Greek yogurt hit the scene and we were all excited about this healthier yogurt option. But then, all these other yogurt variations started popping up and Which one is healthiest? Which one tastes the best? Which one is best for my gut’s microbiome? were just a few of our yogurt-related anxiety-ridden thoughts. This rundown of what the difference is between many of the new tubs lining the shelves — from Bulgarian to French to Australian — should help you avoid some of that mid-aisle panic. [Washington Post]

• Ladies: Aside from the very important post-coital visit to the toilet (UTIs, UGH), it’s also best for the health of your lady bits to go commando and let things, erm, air out after a romp in the sheets. [Health]

• Bye-bye germy pharmacy lines: Looks like amazon could be breaking into the prescription drugs biz. [Well + Good]

• The next time you can’t get up for that 6 a.m. gym visit, snooze your alarm a little and try these nine core-strengthening resistance band moves from the comfort of your living room. Getting the workout in is what matters, not where you get it done! [Greatist]

• If you generally avoid slow-cooker meals because whatever you make typically ends up being tasteless mush, try these seven tricks to make all slow-cooker creations taste better. [SELF]

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