The Checkup: The No-Sink-Necessary Way to Wash Your Face After the Gym

And more reads to help you stay healthy and happy this week.

• The gym-bag necessity you’re missing? Micellar water. The water contains oil molecules that work double-duty to remove dirt and hydrate skin, and it can conveniently be applied with cotton balls and doesn’t need to be wiped off, making it perfect for quickly and easily removing grime post-sweat session. [Well + Good]

• Welp, this new study on sugar and heart health will make you put down the cookie sleeve. [Men’s Health]

• ICYMI: Dove posted an ad that seemed prettttty racist. Needless to say, no one is happy about it. [NBC]

• Even McDonald’s is getting in on the vegan game. [Grub Street]

• Ack! Time to test your sense of smell. A lack of it could signal dementia risk. [New York Times]

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