The Checkup: The Best Deli Sandwich Picks, According to a Nutritionist

And more healthy reads for your subway ride.

• Sometimes, all you want for lunch is a sandwich from the deli on the ground floor of your office building. (The heart wants what it wants — it can’t be explained.) But how do you order without totally wrecking the healthy-eating work you’ve put in throughout the week? Here, a nutritionist ranks 12 popular deli sandwiches from best to worst. (Tuna salad lovers will be pleased with the results. Cubano lovers, not so much.) [Bon Appétit]

Lemon water is the holy grail when it comes to health — at least according to celebrities. [Well + Good]

• And speaking of celebrities doling out health advice, how did Gwyneth Paltrow’s website become the go-to for health advice for 1.8 million — yes, million — readers each month? The Atlantic looks for the answer. [The Atlantic]

• Hey, runners: Honey could be just the replacement you’ve been looking for when it comes to mid-race fuel. Yes: plain ol’ honey. [Furthermore]

Maria Sharapova can’t seem to get over her grudge against Serena Williams — who’s beat her in the last 18 of the 20 matches they’ve played against each other — in her new memoir. [The Cut]

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