Sweet Deal Alert: Work Out at City Fitness’s Shiny New Gym All Month for $1

It's the first of City Fitness's Signature-tiered (read: fancier) fitness clubs.

Indoor cycling studio at City Fitness’s new Logan Square fitness club | Photo credit: Palette Group

City Fitness’s shiny (and giant!) new Logan Square fitness club — the first of its Signature-tiered (read: fancier) fitness clubs —  soft-opensat 1815 JFK Boulevard tomorrow, September 7th. But here’s the thing: Until October 1st, the club will only be open folks who snagged early-access passes. But before you shed a tear at having missed your chance, take note: City Fitness is currently running a last-minute flash sale that gets folks who aren’t currently City Fitness members early-access passes to the gym for $1. Yes: $1 will get you 30 days of working out at a brand-spankin’-new gym. Yes, please. (Sorry, current City Fitness members — you’ll have to upgrade to a Signature membership in order to get in early.)

The flash sale is running through midnight tonight, and after that early-access passes will no longer be available. (You can get your early-access pass here.) Then, you’ll be able to head to the gym starting at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. City Fitness marketing director Tom Wingert says that at that point, “Basically all of the functions of the club will be up and running for those early-access pass-holders to get started using the spot.” (The group class schedule won’t kick off until September 11th, he says.) The gym features an impressive and lengthy indoor turf, a chunk of classrooms dedicated to group fitness — including a dedicated indoor cycling studio room and an infrared-heated yoga studio room. Ohhh la la —  and all the lifting and cardio equipment your heart desires, plus a dedicated co-working area. 

And a pro tip before you head there: Wingert recommends scheduling a time to activate your pass (your 30 days starts when you activate your pass, which has to be before September 30th) through a link that will be emailed to you once you sign up. They’re trying to keep things organized so everyone has a pleasant experience, ya dig? Happy sweating!

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