The Checkup: How to Turn Your Morning Dog Walk Into an Actual Workout

And more healthy reads to kick off the week.

• Your most overlooked workout buddy might just be sitting at home on the couch: yup, your dog. Think about it: there’s no competition and no one to impress — just a lot of love. Plus, you already have to walk them. So, here are six exercises to turn your morning dog walk into a full-body workout for you. Multitasking for the win! [Greatist]

• More and more “healthy” ice creams have been making their way onto grocery-store shelves. But how healthy are they, really? [Health]

• Instead of searching YouTube for a good at-home yoga video — and starting like five before you finally settle on a good one — check out these 10 that have already been vetted. [Well and Good]

• Because a detox doesn’t have to mean a seven-day juice cleanse: six natural ways to detox your body. [TIME]

• See? Instagram isn’t so bad: A recent study found that people who used Instagram as their food diary for getting healthy were more likely to stick with it because followers held them accountable. [Women’s Health]

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