The Checkup: How to Pinpoint Where the Giant Zit on Your Face Came From

And more reads to help you stay healthy and sane today.

• If you stared in your bathroom mirror screaming, “WHY MEEEE?” after waking up to a giant zit this morning, this face-mapping rundown, which indicates, according to Chinese medicine, what it means when you break out on different areas of your face, may be of use. [Byrdie]

• Here, how to finally nail your handstand in yoga class. FINALLY. [Women’s Health]

• Peeking into a stranger’s fridge is my version of peeking into a stranger’s medicine cabinet. Actually going grocery shopping with them? Even better. Well + Good did just that with registered dietitian Tracy Lockwood to find out what she stocks up on at Trader Joe’s. Hint: The super-popular Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend made the cut. Yippee! [Well + Good]

• The key to becoming a better learner? It could be to exercise while you soak in information, a new study shows. [New York Times]

• Chances are, at least one (if not many, many more) of your Facebook friends has made the declaration, “WELP, guess I’m going vegan,” after watching What the Health on Netflix. But how accurate is the health info in the documentary, really? Here, TIME does some fact-checking. [TIME]

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