The Checkup: The Truth About How Many Calories Sex Burns

And more healthy reads to get your weekend rolling.

• Research has shown that a 30-minute session between the sheets burns an average of around 100 calories for men and 70 for women. But considering the average sex session lasts just — wait for it — six minutes, chances are, you probably should stick to the gym for your calorie burn. [TIME]

• A little pre-Sweetgreen required reading: Here are five ways you’re totally ruining your salads. [Health]

• 1.25x: This is the perfect speed at which to speed-listen to your favorite podcasts, according to a researcher who specializes in just that. No, really. [Science of Us]

• New research delving into the opioid crisis shows a cringe-worthy link between pharmaceutical companies and docs. [Futurity]

• Essential information: The best healthy-leaning store-bought ice creams, according to dietitians. [Self]

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