13 Websites to Score Yoga Clothes and Gear for Cheap

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You know the frustration that sets in when you feel like you wear the same clothes to work every. Freakin’. Day? Well, as I’m sure you know, this frustration can apply to your go-to yoga outfits as well. Your staples are now too worn in: The white tank is no longer white, the inner thigh of your favorite patterned leggings is all sorts of pilly from the friction (hey, we’ve all been there) and your yoga mat is missing small — yet noticeable — chunks from your cat’s shenanigans. All of this is enough to make you want to go on a serious yoga gear shopping spree, and then you look at your bank account …

Shopping for new yoga gear can be a pretty pricey endeavor — especially if you are looking at the likes of Lululemon and Athleta. That’s where these websites stocked with yoga clothes and gear that don’t break the bank come in. So go Marie Kondo your workout wardrobe and get to online shopping, my friends.

Here, the sale section is seriously out of control — like, up to 90 percent off of brands like Onzie, ALO and Teeki. Just note that all purchase from the sale section are final sale, so you might not want to gamble in the fit department. Plus, free shipping on orders $75 and up.

Yoga Outlet
The name of this website couldn’t be more descriptive — it is a haven of discounted yoga apparel, gear and accessories, including the more atmospheric yoga accouterment like statues, blankets, pillows and books. Some brands like Marika and Manduka are slightly more discounted than other brands, but with enough digging, Yoga Outlet will surely fulfill your yoga needs at a low cost. Bonus: You can save ten percent on your first purchase.

Nordstrom Rack
You know you can always hit up the trusty Nordstrom Rack to find a pair of discounted designer sunglasses or Calvin Klein undies on the cheap, but it turns out their online athletic apparel section has pretty extensive yoga offerings as well. Think: Under $20 for Sanuk yoga sandals and discounted apparel from the likes of Electric Yoga, Free People and Noli Yoga, just to name a few. Then they’ve also got mats, blocks, towels and mat bags from brands like Gaiam, Prana and Manduka.

As advertised on Instagram, TV and literally everywhere else, Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s line of fitness apparel. There’s some serious discounts to be had for new customers who decide to become VIP members, including two pairs of leggings for $24 — a pretty sweet deal if you ask us. You do have to sign up and create an account (I know, groans) but their membership system is pretty uniquely flexible — it’s $50 a month, but you can choose to skip months, which means that you won’t be charged your dues. (Just make sure to do it by the 5th of the month; otherwise, they charge you for the month.) Did I mention that the clothes are super cute?

Mika Yoga Wear
The online shopping experience is super streamlined on this website because you can shop for your workout gear by activity: Hot Yoga, Barre, Yoga, etc. Treat yourself to a pair of those cute little yoga shorts with the draw strings on the side and a matching top — you deserve it! Mika offers free shipping on orders over $100 and a 10 percent discount on your first purchase.

Barefoot Yoga Co.
Whoa. Just, whoa. Upon entering this website, sales and specials are alllll up in your face: Free shipping on orders $49 and up, 25 percent off of everything and up to 80 percent off sale items. With such discounted mats, props and accessories, I bet you’ll reach that benchmark of $49 for free shipping in no time.

Light in The Box
If you’re looking to step up your yoga gear game on the cheap, this is the place for you. Here, you’ll find everything from no-slip mats, towels and socks to some pretty sweet harem pants and everything in-between.

Yoga Direct
If you’ve ever had the itch to customize your own yoga mat, bag or block, Yoga Direct can scratch that itch for you! They also offer a wide array of discounted yoga gear including — wait for it — a buy one, get one free section!

Yoga Warehouse
Here, you’ll find everything you need to turn that spare bedroom (aka the junk room) into your very own at-home yoga studio. Yoga Warehouse’s offerings are limited to yoga accessories and supplies, but in that vein you’ll be able to find anything you need for a very affordable price — blankets, straps, bolsters, meditation cushions and the list goes on.

Planet Gear
Planet Gear brings some pretty cool deals to the table: Every morning they kick off a sale offering name-brand yoga and fitness gear at up to 70 percent off. The only hook is that you have to become a member, but that’s totally free so all you have to do is give them your name and email to create an account to reap the sweet, sweet benefits.

The Clymb
The Clymb offers daily sales on a whole slew of your favorite brand-name yoga gear purveyors like Gaiam, Maji and Lucy at up to 70 percent below standard retail prices. Become a member for free and let the deals flow.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t need another excuse to spend more time (and moolah!) on Amazon. That said, they’ve got some pretty sweet deals on all sorts of yoga apparel and accessories, including some name-brand goods. To get the dopest deals, check out their “Featured Deals” section to find price-slashed yoga swag. Plus, if you already have Amazon Prime, shipping is free!

Rose Wholesale
You won’t find brand-name items here, but they have affordable and cute yoga apparel that will help you get the job done in style. They have a section solely dedicated to yoga, where you can find all of your yoga clothing needs, from bras and tanks to shorts and leggings.

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