Tape This to Your Fridge: Your Cheat Sheet for Cutting Every Type of Fruit

Because buying pre-cut fruit is a giant money pit, are we right?

There’s just something about summer that brings on cravings for endless servings of fruit. Nothing hits the spot on a hot day better than some cold, sweet and hydrating watermelon or pineapple or mango, right? But those all-day fruit grazing habits can put a dent in your bank account after a while — especially if you’re buying it pre-cut. And admit it: You totally are.

Despite the convenience of pre-cut fruit being ready to eat, like, right away, cutting it yourself saves SO much money. So, to help you save some cash without sacrificing your fruit addiction, we compiled a list of how-to videos for cutting all sorts of fruit. And, if you already cut your own fruit, instead of buying it pre-cut, don’t write this post off: These videos may help you cut fruit more effectively, and smarter cuts equals more bang for your buck. Here, you’ll find a whole slew of videos (15 to be exact) that will help you learn to cut your own fruit so you can have ALL the fruit, ALL the time.

How to cut a watermelon
Watermelon can be a daunting fruit to tackle — especially when it’s basically the size of your entire cutting board. Not to fear though: The folks over at Bon Appetit have made a little video to show the exact cuts that need to be made to get perfect cubes every time you hack into a giant watermelon. But if you’re super crunched on time, check out this hack for cutting a watermelon in two minutes.

How to cut a mango
UGH: That’s how I feel about cutting mangos. But I loooove them. Every time I attempt to hack into one, I think, Why haven’t I invested in one of those mango slicers yet? Well, with this helpful video, I don’t need one of those mango slicer things. Turns out, the trick is to peel the skin off and then make cuts around the pit. Watch and learn.

How to cut an orange
So, this video shows you how to literally unravel an orange with only three cuts! It’s way more efficient than peeling it with your hands and you won’t have orange rind lingering under your finger nails all day, which happens to be my least favorite feeling EVER.

How to cut a pineapple
Here, your guide to getting those annoying pokey things out of your juicy pineapple chunks in a jiffy.

How to cut stone fruit
Stone fruits, if you aren’t in the know, are basically all of the pitted fruits like cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines — and as you may know, they can be pretty tricky to cut sometimes. Correction: most of the time. This video shows you how to troubleshoot when a stone fruit is being particularly tricky to slice.

How to cut a melon
Here, trusty Martha Stewart helps us get down in the kitchen by demonstrating how to get perfect cubes of melon in just five super easy steps. You can use these steps to chop up a cantaloupe or honeydew — whatever your melon-y preference may be.

How to cut a grapefruit
No weirdly sharp grapefruit spoon needed here! This video shows you how to hack into a grapefruit in three different ways, depending on the type of slice that you’re looking for.

How to cut an avocado
Apparently, most of us have been shown avocado-cutting lies our entire lives. The standard way to cut an avocado in half is length-wise, from top to bottom, leaving most of the fruit exposed but with the pit still in place. Next time you cut into an avocado with intentions of only eating half, this video suggests cutting the opposite way, to expose less of the meat to oxidation.

How to cut a kiwi
This hack shows you how to remove the skin of a kiwi in one fell swoop of a spoon so it’s ready to be sliced or diced and shoved in your mouth.

How to de-seed a pomegranate
Pomegranates are so sweet and juicy, but trying to get the seeds out of the whole fruit can be an actual train wreck if you’re not sure what you’re doing. This video shows you how to easily get those scrumptious little seeds out without having a total meltdown.

How to cut a papaya
This video shows you how to remove the skin and pebble-y looking seeds to get lovely chunks of papaya in no time at all.

How to cut an apple
Okay, so I’m sure you’ve been cutting your own apples for quite some time now, likely without any major complications. BUT this video might inspire you to trade your tried-and-true apple cutting method in for a more time-efficient way.

How to hull a strawberry
Removing the hull, which is the center part of the strawberry that’s connected to the stem and leaves, can be pretty tricky — small fruits and big knives just don’t always go together that well. This video demonstrates how to use a straw to remove the hull of a strawberry. It’s super quick and easy and the best part? Your fingers are sure to remain unharmed.

How to cut a tomato
Sometimes, for me at least, cutting into a tomato doesn’t go that well — it slips all over the place and I end up squishing it in an effort to keep it in place. In this video, they demonstrate how to cut a tomato four ways — slices for sandwiches and such, wedges for salads, diced for pico de gallo (mmmmmm!) and julienned (which is a fancy cut you’ll probably never use).

How to cut grapes
This trick allows you to cut a whole bunch of grapes at once, which is useful is you’re making fruit salad or a fancy tuna salad. In about 30 seconds flat, you’ll have bite-sized grape pieces to pop in your mouth like candy. Bonus: This trick can be used to cut cherry tomatoes, too.

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