The Checkup: 14 Sneaky Ways to Strengthen Your Abs

And more tips for a midweek health boost.

• We’ve got good news for you: You’re already doing more than you think to strengthen your ab muscles. Here, trainers dish on how pretty much any exercise move that requires balance is tonin’ up your core and point out the common exercises — which are probably already a part of your gym routine — that are sneakily earning you that six-pack you’ve always dreamed of. [SELF]

• If you’re feeling a bit … on edge after being forced to return from your blissed-out beach time to your cubicle, take note of these six essential oils to sniff to reduce anxiety and stash ’em in your desk drawer. [Well + Good]

• Ever find yourself snoozing on your train ride to work? Turns out there are some weird ways your brain wakes you up before your stop. [Science of Us]

• Listen up, runners! Think you know all the benefits and dangers of your go-to workout? Here are three surprising facts about running. [TIME]

• If coffee amps up your stress levels and give you the jitters, read this: how callin’ it quits with caffeine made one woman calmer. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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