Stop Everything: La Colombe Sells Dairy-Free Draft Lattes Now (FINALLY!)

Coconut Draft Latte | Photo via La Colombe

Since February of 2016, it seems just about every human who likes coffee has gone on at least one loving rant about La Colombe’s canned Draft Lattes: so convenient! So frothy! How perfect is that strange thing you sip through?! Everyone, that is, except for the folks who can’t do dairy — they’ve been left to fantasize about what cracking open one of those cans would be like.

Well, my dairy-free friends, I’ve got a few squeal-worthy words for you: dairy-free La Colombe Draft Lattes. Earlier this week, La Colombe announced on Instagram the latest release in their super popular Draft Latte line, a plant-based and dairy-free take on the good stuff made with — wait for it — coconut milk. Can we get a hallelujah?

The dairy-free draft lattes, available in Coconut Mocha and Coconut, are made with cold-pressed espresso, frothed coconut milk, a pinch of sugar, and in the case of the mocha, some chocolate in the mix. For now, they’re only being sold online (a four-pack will run you $12), but the folks at La Colombe say they will be available in select cafes and retailers nationwide in the coming months.

Okay, you can continue on with your day now.

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